Chances are you've seen a set of fancy automated blinds in a high-end hotel room somewhere, and been impressed at how cool they are. However, despite their awesomeness, they are expensive and not something most people have opted to have installed in their homes. Now a company from Toronto has created a little device that works with existing beaded chain and cord loop shades to make them smart.

Installation takes just a few minutes, you simply mount the device to the wall near the blinds and install it over the cord. The Axis Gear unit offers capacitive touch control to lower or raise your shades. It also allows for multiple units to be paired together to give you total control of all your blinds in a one quick fashion.

There's also an Android and iOS app that will give you control of your Axis Gear without the need to get up. It can pair with other smart devices such as the Fitbit and work in an ingenious way such as opening the blinds when the Fitbit senses you waking up. It will even pair with your Nest thermostat and help achieve the desired temperature for your home by blocking or letting in the sun.

Unfortunately, this product is not out to the masses yet, and it's all part of an IndieGoGo campaign looking for pledges to get where it wants to go. A pledge of $95 promises to get you one Axis Gear unit capable of controlling one blind. Even if the pledge goal does get reached, customers will likely not receive their product until October 2016. However it's great to see home smart connected devices being introduced that even Tony Stark would want in his home.

Pledge to get your Axis Gear / $ 95