Make up time by organizing your makeup

The way you start your morning sets a tone for your whole day. So don't rush your morning rituals! Organize your morning and enjoy getting ready with the makeup organizer that makes space for your phone and tablet.

Taylor is tailored for tech

Get more out of your morning routine by adding the Taylor bamboo beauty organizer to your vanity, bathroom, or wherever you prepare for the day ahead. Stream your favourite songs on your phone while you apply your foundation and bronzer. Or cue up a makeup tutorial on your iPad before a night out to help you nail a smokey-eyed look. The Taylor beauty stand makes room for your tech, giving you a convenient way to enjoy your entertainment while doing your makeup.

Taylor Beauty Stand


The Taylor beauty stand organizes your makeup, brushes, and your tablet and phone, ensuring whatever you need to start your morning is right at your fingertips.

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Goodbye makeup bag

The Taylor beauty stand keeps your makeup brushes upright, protecting the bristles of these expensive brushes to help them last for years to come. Trays for bronzers and powders keep your compacts accessible, and slots for your eyeliner, lipgloss, and other makeup tubes help ensure whatever you need to complete your makeup routine is always at the ready.