Always know where you left your stuff

A cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind. Work better with less distractions by organizing your workspace with a simple storage caddy.


The classic station from iSkelter gives you a designated spot to keep your stuff. This organizer is made from beautiful, eco-friendly bamboo and looks stylish anywhere. At your desk or cubicle this is a handy way to keep your phone visible so you can discreetly check notifications as they roll in, so you always look like you're paying attention to the task at hand. This was designed to fit the iPhone 6 and 6s, but works with most models of iPhone and other smartphones.

iSkelter Classic Station


The Classic Station from iSkelter ensures you have a designated spot to keep your everyday essentials at home or work.

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Everyday essentials

This organizer has a designated pen slot ensures you never have to use a co-workers chewed pen, because you'll always remember where you put your pen. A universal tray is handy for paperclips, coins for the vending machine, or whatever other items would normally be cluttering your pockets. At home use this handsome caddy to store your phone, keys, or slim wallet so you never are left searching for the things you need when you're rushing to head out the door.