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Bang & Olufsen's new $8000 4K TV spins, tilts, and pivots just for you

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant 4K TV floor stand
By Derek Kessler on 8 May 2014 11:54 am

Bang & Olufsen's new BeoVision Avant 4K TV has a motorized mount and sound bar, but it comes at a pretty steep cost. Mostly known for their audio systems, Bang & Olufsen has been producing TVs under the BeoVision name for several years now. Their latest model — the Avant — makes the jump to 4K resolution, which isn't too surprising. What is interesting is how the 55-inch TV also has a motorized mount option so it can pivot back against the wall when not in use, and also a set of speakers that slides up behind the display.

As a Bang & Olufsen product you can be sure it will sound great and look amazing — both in the picture quality and overall aesthetics departments. But what benefit is there to be gained by motorizing these parts of the TV?

The motorized floor mount option allow you to move the TV on what amounts to a metal Lazy Susan, bringing the TV out by what looks to be about two feet and pivoting it on a pole for a more optimum viewing angle. If you want it on the table, the stand tilts and moves the TV forward and back. The wall mount will swing the TV out by up to 60°.

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant 4K TV table stand

So you can move the TV back a bit so it's not necessarily so obtrusive when not in use, but at the end of the day it's still there, taking up space. Bang & Olufsen's press materials note that with the Avant you'll be able to stop "arranging your room around the television" because you can turn it toward you when you want to use it, but in the end you're still arranging your room around where the TV will be. And why the sound needed to be motorized, let alone hidden away when not in use? We can't conjure a good reason for that. It's not like you often need the space under your TV only temporarily.

The Avant does at least integrate their Immaculate Wireless Sound system, letting you utilize compatible WiSA speakers throughout your house to blast whatever's on the TV. There are also a pair of ambient light sensors that allow the TV to compensate for the brightness and color tones of the room's lighting. Also included is a new BeoRemote One with "MyButtons" that allow users to create three custom presets, including the channel, volume, and positioning of the television.

How much will the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant set you back? Retail price starts at $7995 (for the one-and-only 55-inch model), which does at least include the remote. If you want to add in the swiveling robot stands, you're looking at at least another $895. But can you really put a price on design so good that it spins?

Source: Bang & Olufsen

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Bang & Olufsen's new $8000 4K TV spins, tilts, and pivots just for you


I used to sell B&O for several years and it is incredibly nice stuff, but designed mostly for aesthetic pleasure.  I've put full B&O entertainment centers in homes where they easily dropped $20K on their a/v gear.  It's some really cool stuff that your friends will go "WOW" and look dumbstruck as you demo it for them... but that's 90% of the price and specs aren't anything greater than less expensive options.  Their TV's have always done the rotate thing from the remote (nice to see them make that a separate stand now instead of having it built-in), but their connections are designed to be proprietary (outside of the basic video connections).  So if you want all the extra benefits from your TV or audio system working together, you have to buy all of the special B&O Link wiring and adapters - and that is shocker in price for many in itself.  Very cool stuff, but I never bought when I got their equipment for a fraction - its only special if you want the 'wow' looks and name.  That's one TV that deserves to come with the BeoLink 7000 remote!

Too expensive for me however it does look nice. I'm sure when just talking about picture quality you can spend half that and get just as good.

It is not actually that expensive for a bang & olufsen product and for a product with those insane specs, but I still don't have the money :/

B&O set standards so high, no one else even bothers to compete. They are the Vertu of consumer electronics. Got to admire them for that.

That... doesn't sound that expensive for a 4k TV? Still way too early for anyone to buy 4k, though (unless it'll be used by a PC).

Next is the built in camera so the TV will track your movements and position itself to face you as you move around the room. I in the future, the TV watches you.

Do we really have to spend so much money for a cool tech? Tho this is really cool but I think the price is too much. Technology < Aesthetics too.

I can't imagine most people would purchase this for 50% of that price tag.

What percentage of consumers still sit the TV on a stand vs. wall mounting? My thought is that if it's on the wall, it's out of the way. There are cheaper retracting wall mounts.

$9000?!? Really people? Once I went flat-screen with HD, HDMI input, and VGA input, I have very little need to upgrade further. What I need is more official Internet content in Canada! Come on Netflix!

8 grand!! My car is not worth that much. No way unless the actresses can jump out the screen and pay me a visit. :-)

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