Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the upcoming seventh instalment of the Star Wars series. September 4th was "Force Friday" and featured the official merchandise for the movie. Included in this merchandise was the BB-8 developed by Sphere.

This super cool little app-enabled droid toy has an adaptive personality that evolves as you play. The BB-8 takes voice commands and can show a range of expressions and even create and display holographic recordings. What will likely be on every Star Wars fan's Christmas wish list, this little gadget will pair with your phone or tablet and allow you to control its movements. You can command it using your voice, in a sentry mode moving between pre-determined areas, or in an autonomous way where it roams on its own.

The BB-8 will work with both iOS and Android devices, and will only have enough battery for about 60 minutes of play. There is an included inductive charger to keep it going, and it features a 30-meter range on Bluetooth to communicate.

Purchase the BB-8 Droid Star Wars Toy / $ 149.99