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BBC updates on its iPlayer plans for Smart TVs

By Richard Devine on 11 Aug 2014 07:18 am

The BBC has released new information on its plans for its iPlayer service on Smart TVs and set-top boxes. iPlayer is currently supported on over 1200 individual devices but the plans are to migrate all of those over to the newer, more unified version of the service. The next wave of devices is now ready for the update, and we also found out a little more on when to expect the long awaited arrival of iPlayer on Xbox One.

For the full list check out the source link below, but it includes a number of TVs and set top boxes. Additionally Virgin Medias TiVo, YouView and BT Vision are all name dropped as working towards updating from the old, legacy iPlayer.

For Xbox One owners, there remains no firm date but a confirmation of plans to release the app "by the end of this year." Good news, for them, but the one device that remains absent from any plans is the Apple TV. The final piece of information presented in the extensive post is that the old, 'bigscreen' iPlayer is to be retired completely. BBC says only 0.1% of iPlayer users are using this version, but it's still going to leave somebody losing out.

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BBC updates on its iPlayer plans for Smart TVs

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You sorta can get BBC iPlayer on your Apple TV via your iPad or Computer air playing it there, BUT of course you need 2 devices.