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Become a mixology master at home with the Perfect Drink Smart Bartending Scale

Perfect Drink
By Adam Zeis on 26 May 2014 01:00 pm

Summer is nearly upon us and that means spending more time outside, firing up the grill and of course, making some fancy summer cocktails. As a bartender I don't have to search far in my memory bank for a good recipe, but for many people, mixology may be out the picture at most parties. An easy solution for that problem is a connected accessory that's been around for a while now but you may not have heard of — the Perfect Drink Smart Bartending Scale.

With this fancy contraption you'll get a small scale that connects to your iPhone or iPad (Android support is coming later this year). Simply choose your drink from the list within the app, put your glass on the scale and go to work. Perfect Drink measures your pours by weight, so it knows exactly how much of each ingredient you're adding. It tells you when to stop, and even corrects things should you have a heavy hand. You can search drinks based on what ingredients you have available, and even add your own to the app.

If your bartending skills aren't the greatest, this may be just what you need for your next party. It's a great way to make hundreds of awesome drinks, though if you're making a bunch it might get a bit tedious. It's still a very cool way to flaunt your connected lifestyle to your friends though.

The Perfect Drink Smart Bartending Scale is available now for $69.99.

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Become a mixology master at home with the Perfect Drink Smart Bartending Scale


If I had a bar on my deck and was constantly entertaining I would get this. As it is I have one, maybe two drinking parties a year and can't see myself getting value from it... but that doesn't mean I won't end up buying it to try out for a party!

This is a pretty brilliantly simple idea (assuming that the implementation is good). That said, half the fun of learning to mix drinks is the trial and error and screwing up spectacularly at first.

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I know this thing would be used every week-end in my house if i had it. It's cool idea. But i don't need a scale to make drinks. Very tempting to get this toy though.... hmmmm 70$ hmmm.....

For me, I'd only use it a couple of time a year. So it's not worth this kind of money. But it's a toy, and toys are nice to receive. So if I can come up with nothing to wish for on my birthday, this would be perfect.

How does the scale communicate with your phone? Bluetooth, NFC? I'm curious. It doesn't say either here in the article, or on the Amazon link.
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EDIT: I went to their website, and it seems the scale plugs into our microphone jack to connect to your phone. Would much rather see it Bluetoothed. With today's technology, having another cable to worry about seems stupid.

My first thought when reading the title was “this is a neat little idea for a project, but not really practical as a consumer item”. After reading about it, I suspect maybe I was wrong. I wouldn’t buy one unless it was marked down, though even there, it’s not just about the price, but also about having too much “stuff”.

Sorry but a good cocktail recipe app on my phone or tablet and the weights and measures will be just fine thanks, if I had enough cocktail parties to warrant a purchase I'd have mastered the short and long pour to show of by now,