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Behind the scenes at #CESlive

By Adam Zeis on 11 Jan 2014 09:27 am

Hopefully you caught all of our awesome #CESlive coverage, but even if you didn't, you'll totally want to take a peek behind the scenes of our insane #CESlive setup. We had a huge stage for our live show and a "blogger pit" for getting work done. It's was a big undertaking and there's a ton of work that goes into getting things setup, running and of course breaking it all down. 

The video is a bit long but it's full of geektastic goodness, so since it's the weekend you may as well pull up a seat and check it out. If for some reason you missed anything from CES, you can find all you need to know on our #CESlive hub page.

Plenty more great content to come so don't go too far!

Reader comments

Behind the scenes at #CESlive


That's a more elaborate setup than I would've expected, although I admittedly have no frame of reference.

Also, I love how completely fried everyone's voice is by the end of the way.

Great Setup, and love the Orange Shoes ;-) ... Thanks to everyone for making this happen, the coverage was fantastic!