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Gear Live or G Watch - What's the best Android Wear device?

Gear Live G Watch
By Adam Zeis on 16 Jul 2014 10:41 am

If you're a still pondering just what Android Wear device is the one for you, ours pals at Android Central are here to save the day. Currently there are only two Android Wear devices on the market — the G Watch and the Gear Live — but the Moto 360 and (many others) aren't too far off. So which Android Wear watch is the best?

Right now, with just two devices to choose from, there are only a few options to weigh out. The G Watch offers a bare-bones design with decent battery life (by decent we mean at least a day) and you can easily swap out the strap. The Gear Live has a slightly more upscale design, though the battery doesn't seem to stretch as far, and the charging connector is as clunky and painful as they get. The tradeoff though is that the screen is a bit better, so there's that. Of course there are all-around drawbacks too. Neither watch does particularly well in direct sunlight (you can't see a thing) and most people want a battery that will last more than a single day.

If you simply need to have an Android Wear device right now though, you can head over to Android Central and get the scoop on the best device from the current crop Android Wear watches.

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Gear Live or G Watch - What's the best Android Wear device?


When i first compared lg g watch and gear live i thought samsung got much better becouse heart life sensor, cheaper, better resolution amoled display, but then i bought g watch becouse it has better watch strap and easier to change, better battery life at least if going to disable always on or use voice more(becouse bigger battery), it was cheaper from uk and i got it much faster than i would with samsung gear live.

I am very satisfied that i bought g watch not the gear live thought it too is not bad choice.

I'm loving my Gear Live. It has taken some tweaking, but I am finally getting through my 12 - 16 hour work day with the screen on.

I'm looking forward to wear things are going

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I went with the LG because I'm trying to get out of Samsung's ecosystem. I'm afraid they'll push Tizen to their devices when they think they don't need Google any longer.

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