Motorola Moto X Style Specs

A day after phone maker OnePlus announced its new "2016 Flagship Killer" the OnePlus 2, Motorola announced it's newest phones: the Moto X Style (branded as Moto X Pure Edition in the US); the big battery equipped Moto X Play and new low-cost Moto G.

This new Moto X Style is bigger, in fact, quite a bit bigger. It now features a 5.7-inch screen with a resolution of 2560x1440 at a 520 pixel per inch density. All this is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and being powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 hexa-core chipset running at 1.8GHz. The graphics card is an Adreno 418 GPU, and 3GB of RAM. It's available in 16, 32, and 64GB versions, and it does have a SD card slot that allows up to 128GB expansion.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the new Moto X Style is the 21 megapixel 4K ready rear-facing camera able to shoot at f/2.0. There is also a 5mp front-facing camera with it's own dedicated flash. All these specs are powered by a 3000 mAh Turbo-Charging battery. The phone will also have an interchangeable back cover allowing lots of customizability. Lastly worth mentioning, unlike the OnePlus 2, the Moto X Style also has NFC compatibility.

I've personally not played with the phone yet, but here are some of the first impressions by some very respectable phone gurus.

Motorola Moto X Style - $399 - Available Fall 2015

1. Android Central

The design language is what we've come to be used too, down to the dimple on the back. Buttons are in their usual place, and there's a nice little banding between the front of the phone and the back. Just like before, you'll be able to get the back of the Moto X in a number of styles: Leather, Textured Rubber, and Wood, including a really nice looking new walnut.

Source: Android Central

2. Danny Winget

I really like the way that this device is panning out, because it is a really good value for everything that it packs.

Source: Danny Winget

3. SuperSaf TV

Looking at the batteries, you do have the larger 3000 mAh battery on the Moto X style compared to the 2550 mAh on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Source: SuperSaf TV

4. Marques Brownlee

That is a super competitive price, but at the same time you gotta hand it to them, it's a pretty incredible thing looking at something like this, It's definitely something I'd want in my pocket

Source: Marques Brownlee

5. PhoneDog

I have three main concerns, one is the camera, two is the battery life, and three is the sheer size of this phone.

Source: PhoneDog

6. The Verge

It's a fast, great feeling, great looking phone, and what's really great about it, is that it's going to $399 for the unlocked version.

Source: The Verge