The first time you take your Pebble out of the box you are probably going to be so excited having notifications on your wrist that you won't even think of the possibilities beyond that. Over the past couple of months there has been a huge upswing in development of unique and great applications for the Pebble smartwatch that help take the functionality way above and beyond just pushing notifications from your phone.

With Pebble's recent launch of their appstore, finding applications has become a lot easier but there are still so many of them to sort through that knowing what to install can be a project. Let's take a look at some of the best applications available on iPhone for the Pebble smartwatch.



Information, information, information. Being able to access information from your Pebble is one of the best parts of owning a smartwatch, and being able to do so easily makes it even better.  Much like Pimp My Pebble, Smartwatch+ adds the ability to access the weather, calendar, reminders, stocks and much more — but it does so in a different way. 

When you open the Smartwatch+ app you will be able to install two different watch apps that both have different purposes. The first one, SmartStatus, gives you all of the information in a watch face style. It shows the time, date, weather, phone and Pebble battery indicators as well as the next upcoming calendar appointment. The second app is Smartwatch+, which is a scrollable menu that lets you access the weather, calendar and reminders. Both apps are useful, and I find that SmartStatus is the one I use most for the glanceable information.

With a price point of $2.99 the developer has packed a ton of great features in the application, and they are working hard to keep it up to date and functioning properly. I have personally seen a few updates already and continue looking forward to what the next one will add.

Purchase Smartwatch+ from the AppStore


Pebble Cam

While showing notifications is awesome I also want my Pebble to be able to do much more than just that. Taking pictures is something that I really enjoy and while not being overly awesome at doing it, I still try to get creative and have some fun with it. Most of the time I am taking pictures with my mobile phone because that is what I have with me, but I have found that this can be a bit limiting because pressing the button on the screen gets in the way at times.

Pebble Cam allows me to not only remotely capture the image, but also view the image that I am about to take right from my wrist. In addition, you can toggle the flash on and off so you can make the best decision for the shot without having to touch your phone.

The settings menu allow for quite a few additional options as well to customize the experience a bit further. For example you can set it so that each time you shake the Pebble or tap on the face of the device it will capture a picture. If you want confirmation that the picture was taken you can have it set to vibrate your Pebble and you can also change the camera that is in use along with setting timers.

Pebble Cam requires an application to be running on the phone and the Pebble at the same time in order for it to function. The on-device application will be a camera replacement, and on the Pebble you will get all the controls. Pebble Cam is a paid application that carries a price tag of $2.99 normally, but right now you can get it on sale for only $1.99.

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Pimp my Pebble

I could go on for quite some time about things that I wish Pebble did a little better out of the box, but that would leave very limited things for third party developers to take care of for us. One of the things I use most on iOS is Reminders through Siri because it is an easy way to make sure that I am taking care of everything that needs to get done. Unfortunately the Pebble OS does not allow me to view the upcoming notifications or calendar appointments until the notification alert comes in, but Pimp my Pebble changes all that.

Giving quick and easy access to Reminders, Calendar, Weather, Calculator and much more all from one simple place has increased my daily usage of the Pebble over my phone. After opening the Pimp my Pebble app on my Pebble I can scroll through the options, seeing my upcoming calendar appointments, the current weather, stock pricing and even access a calculator if you need to solve something quickly.

The additional options that Pimp my Pebble brings do come with a cost though as the application runs $1.99 in the App Store. When looking at the advantages, it is definitely worth giving up a cup of coffee this week to have this application as it will certainly be something that you use regularly.

Purchase Pimp my Pebble from the AppStore


Battery Lifetime

One of my biggest gripes about the Pebble was the guesswork in knowing how much battery was left on the device when I was getting ready to leave for the day. Sure, I could just charge it all the time and then be safe, but that gets a bit redundant. The device has a battery inside so it shouldn't be to much to ask for a meter to read how much life is left. Battery Lifetime solves this one simple problem.

It may not be the most useful thing for some users, but it will keep you in the know about the battery life of your Pebble. Gone are the days of guessing your battery level and here are the days of knowing what percentage of battery you have left with just a few simple clicks. 

Battery Lifetime is available as a free application from the Pebble appstore so just search for it and add it to your device now!



Getting to where you need to be can be a difficult task, especially if you are in a new area. How many times have you been traveling and noticed that everyone is looking at their phone trying to get where they need to be? How about having those directions on your wrist instead of your phone so you can keep focused on getting where you need to be safely.

Using the pebbleNav iOS app you can search for the location that you wish to journey to and select the method you wish to use to get there — be it by bike, walking, or car — hitting start will push the directions right to your Pebble. From here you will be alerted where you need to go and the steps to get there with a small map right on your wrist. In addition to the map there are also written directions which tell you how far you are from the next turn and what road you will be looking for.

Whether you are traveling in a new area or just venturing to a restaurant you haven't been to in a while, pebbleNav will help you get there without having to stare at your iPhone screen the whole way. pebbleNav is priced at $4.99, which is far less than most GPS applications or units and the first time it helps get you where you need to be easily it will have paid for itself.

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