wifi bulbs

One of the easiest ways for to jump into the connected home space is with some awesome connected lighting. Smart lights are simply bulbs (and usually a bridge or hub) that replaces your standard light bulbs and offer more functionality — namely being able to control them from your smartphone or tablet. These Wi-Fi bulbs are typically more expensive than standard bulbs, but last just as long (if not longer), plus they go above and beyond just keeping you out of the dark.

Currently, there are a few different types of connected lights available. There are simple Wi-Fi bulbs that light up in white — just like your traditional bulbs — and there are also color changing bulbs that can do all sorts of fun, connected things. Depending on your needs, just having white bulbs may be all you need, but if you're going all-in with smart lighting, color-changing bulbs are really what you're after.

We've checked out some of the top offerings on the market right now — and taken into account things like pricing, ease of use, setup and overall lifespan — to pin down and overall winner and crown the best of the best when it comes to smart lights. While each system has similar features, there are some that set them apart as well. There are some big names in the smart lights space and some new players as well, so let's take a look and see what the best connected lighting options are right now.