The grown up equivalent of tub toys

You won't always have the time for a luxurious soak in a hot bubble bath. But when you do, do it up right. Bring a book, bring your wine, and leave your cares outside of the tub.

Your bath, but better

Bathforia's Bathtub Caddy imagines all of the most relaxing things you could do in the tub and helps you do them better. Flipping through a mystery or romance novel in the tub is a great idea. In theory. When you're actually soaking in the tub, trying to find the perfect height to keep your arms warm and underwater without submerging your book, it's near impossible. This bathtub caddy's adjustable stand gives you the perfect spot to prop your book or tablet for bathtime reading.

Bathforia Bathtub Caddy


Bathforia's Bathtub Caddy has a spot for all the essentials needed to take an ordinary bath and make it something luxurious.

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Splish Splash

This bamboo caddy adjusts to fit just about any size of bathtub. It's sturdy design was meant to feel secure, so when you have a glass of wine in the tub, or maybe a plate of cheese or cookies, or a nice scented candle, they won't collapse into your bathwater should you accidentally bump the caddy. The best part, most bathrooms don't have an abundance of available storage, so the caddy's sides fold inward and the stand folds down to make it easier to store under the sink or against the side of the tub.