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Big Ass Fan introduces smartass ceiling fan

Big Ass Fan
By Derek Kessler on 4 Jun 2014 10:42 am

Big Ass Fans' latest ceiling fan is smarter than your average fan and is tailor-built for the modern connected home. Instead of throwing a Wi-Fi chip into their fan like some other manufacturers might do, Big Ass Fans decided to make their new Haiku fan actually smart by including what they've branded "SenseME" technology. You might call the Big Ass Fans Haiku a smartass fan.

All kidding aside, the Haiku uses sensors to detect when people enter and exit a room and activates its whirling blades accordingly. Additionally, the Haiku has a built-in thermometer and will activate when things get too warm up there on the ceiling.

Now, you might think that would be it, but Big Ass Fans has taken a page from Nest in making their fan intelligent. Like Nest, the Haiku can be controlled with an app on your smartphone, and like Nest, the Haiku will learn from how you're using the fan, figure out your preferences, and just start working on its own when it thinks you would prefer it run. Users can set schedules for the fan as well, including a "gradual awake" that slowly spins the fan up in the morning to help rouse you from your slumber.

Preorders for the Big Ass Fans Haiku with SenseME are open now, with shipping expected to start later this summer. In keeping with the "big ass" part of their name, these fans are available in 52-inch and 60-inch varieties. Nor will the first smart ceiling fan come cheap — you're looking at a starting price of $995 for the basic black composite blade 52-inch Haiku, all the way up to $1290 for a 60-inch version with bamboo blades and an LED light kit.

Source: Big Ass Fans

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Big Ass Fan introduces smartass ceiling fan


This is pretty cool, to detect when people are there and turn on. Not sure I would buy it at the price though.

Yet another high priced gadget that is completely pointless (given the price). Why would anyone pay $1000 to save themselves a flick of the switch?

What idiot would spend that much on a ceiling fan. Even if I had millions I would not waste it on something like this.

Walmart sells 20 inch fans for $20. You just have to get off your "Ass" to adjust it.

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