It's kind of a big deal.

Not every grill is created equal. The first BBQ you owned was likely inexpensive, but you were proud when you grilled those first hot dogs or T-Bones. That was a great starter grill. Now it's time to move up to the big leagues.

Green eggs and ham. Or

Big Green Egg has a lineup of high quality BBQs precisely designed to help everything you cook taste its absolute best. While the idea of grilling a perfect filet in a vertical oval may raise an eyebrow at first, as soon as you lift the weighty lid of a Big Green Egg you can actually feel the quality of it's design.

This elongated egg shape was engineered for the optimum airflow while you cook. A draft flow door at the bottom coupled with the top-mounted, adjustable, metal air vent allow you control the exact amount of air entering the lower firebox and flowing through the top, which controls your temperature and cooking speed. The advanced ceramics within the cooking reservoir prevent anything on the grill from losing moisture, ensuring everything you serve up from your Big Green Egg is delicious.

Medium Big Green Egg

Big Green Eggs come in seven sizes


Big Green Eggs are available in seven sizes from mini to XXL to help you grill, smoke, or bake food to tasty precision in these ceramic BBQs.

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Big Green Eggs can be used for grilling, smoking, or even baking over indirect heat using the company's specialized charcoal made from hickory and natural oak. There are seven sizes of Big Green Egg available and many accessories to customize your Egg for your cooking style.