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BlackBerry may be exploring wearables

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By Adam Zeis on 11 Sep 2014 10:27 am

BlackBerry soon be diving into the wearables spaces, according to John Sims, President of Enterprise at BlackBerry. During interviews at Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas, Sims said of BlackBerry, "We're doing internal research on different wearables." Which means that you could soon see a BlackBerry device on your wrist as well as in your hand.

BlackBerry is said to be researching devices like smartwatches and smart glasses, though it hasn't been confirmed that any wearable devices will see the light of day. "I would love to have BBM on a wearable," says Sims, "it's definitely an area of research for us."

BlackBerry has seemingly had no interest in wearables in the past, but with big companies like Google and Apple moving into the wearables space, BlackBerry may not be able to ignore it for much longer.

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Source: Computer World

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BlackBerry may be exploring wearables


Well if you had looked into the interview a little you would have found that BlackBerry is looking into BBM for wearables and not hardware... but it's good for see that you're not ignoring us Adam ;)

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Yes, and they should name it the "Tic-O" before Ryan Seacrest can invest in a wearable start up using that name.

Not really excited about Blackberry in wearables. If their phones are any indication, their only niche would seem to be the keyboard...and I don't want a watch with a keyboard.