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Bloomberg builds virtual reality terminals for real world stock trades

Through Oculus Rift, over 20 Bloomberg terminals can fit in your eyes
By Chuong H Nguyen on 9 Jun 2014 03:31 pm

Bloomberg has built a virtual trading desk by hooking up its data terminals to Facebook-owned Oculus Rift's virtual reality eyewear. Showcasing the glasses and the software behind bringing the Boiler Room to your eyes at its Bloomberg Next Big Thing Summit in Sausalito, California, the financial company says that the software brings about 20 different screens to your eyes giving you easy access to stocks and other financial information.

"Screen real estate is not an issue here," the company said. "Twitchy traders who set themselves up with a dozen or more monitors at their desks in the physical world would envy what's possible in virtual reality."

Rather than have large rooms filled with displays, screens, and monitors, a single computing device attached to the Oculus Rift virtual reality eyewear can provide just as much information to a wearer, if not more.

Bloomberg demonstrates how 20 screens of financial information could be virtualized into a small space using Oculus Rift's virtual reality glasses

"Putting on the bulky headset transports you to a world of infinite space and, thus, as many screens flashing financial data as you desire."

Virtualizing the terminals will allow users to configure their many screens as they wish without the constraints of a physical setup using monitors.

This would definitely expand Oculus Rift beyond its current entertainment and gaming niches and provide productive applications to the eyeglasses.

""This is a mockup of how virtual reality can be applied in the workplace," Bloomberg's Nick Peck who designed the virtual financial terminal said. Thus far, this idea is only a mockup built around screenshots and videos, but the future reality of this project is still exciting even if exists only virtually right now.

In addition to Oculus Rift, another connected technology that could be used to interact with these virtual terminals could be a Leap Motion accessory, like the recent HP keyboard that integrates the 3D motion tech, to allow users to navigate the virtual terminals using gesture control.

Source: Quartz

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Bloomberg builds virtual reality terminals for real world stock trades

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