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Blossom smart sprinkler takes the guesswork out of watering your lawn

By Adam Zeis on 18 Nov 2014 10:07 am

Smart sprinklers are starting become a bigger part of the connected home and the newest one to hit the streets is Blossom. Available now for pre-order via Kickstarter, Blossom looks to take control of your sprinkler system, letting you control and monitor your watering no matter where you are.

Blossom keeps tabs on your sprinkler system and controls up to 12 zones, letting you take charge from your smartphone or tablet — plus it also keeps an eye on the weather so it can plan accordingly. It manages your watering around the weather, and keeps things exactly where they need to be. It knows when it will be hot or cold, dry or rainy, and only runs the system when it actually needs to be on.

Here's what's in the system:

  • The Blossom Controller - The Controller is the brains of the operation. Blossom is your direct connection to our cloud infrastructure - a wealth of specialized data and intelligent decisions that are constantly evolving our algorithm to deliver the most comprehensive watering plans for your yard. 
  • The Blossom Bridge - This is the Blossom Controller's connection to your home's Internet. Once the Bridge is connected with an ethernet cable to your home router, Internet connectivity will run through your power outlet to your Controller. Since it's directly connected through the home, the range is virtually limitless.  
  • The Blossom App - The Blossom App is your connection to your watering system no matter where you are or what device you use. Monitor and control your yard's watering schedule from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Blossom also uses Powerline — which turns electrical outlets into internet connections — so you can place it anywhere you want. No longer do you need to worry about bad Wi-Fi connections outside or in the garage (where controllers are typically mounted). Blossom will keep a strong signal no matter where you need to mount it — even outdoors.

Blossom installs in under 15 minutes — just swap out the controller with your existing unit. It works with all of your current valves and sprinklers. Blossom is available now on Kickstarter for $89, with the first units set to ship in January 2015.

Press Release

Smart Watering System from Blossom Adapts to Local Weather, Conserves Water and Drives Cost Savings

Easy Installation, Reliable Connection Simplifies Everyday Life

IRVINE, Calif., November 18, 2014 – Smart homes are becoming less of a conceptual ideal and more of a reality. In fact, 31 million smart home systems are expected to be installed by 2017. Home automation via the Internet of Things brings numerous benefits – but what if these benefits could extend to outside the home as well? With Blossom, they can.

The Power of Smart Watering

Now available for pre-order on Kickstarter, Blossom is a smart watering system with automated weather intelligence that allows you to simplify your life by monitoring and controlling your yard's watering schedule from anywhere and at any time with a smart phone, tablet or computer. By taking into account rainfall and only using the amount of water needed based on weather conditions, Blossom conserves water and significantly reduces water utility bills.

Blossom was founded by people from some of the world's most powerful brands, including Skype, Vizio, Microsoft, Linksys and Cisco.

Equally Effective Indoors or Outdoors

A large portion of residential irrigation controllers are placed outside the home (usually attached to a wall), where Wi-Fi is limited. Others are installed in the garage in areas that also have wireless connectivity limitations (behind a water heater tank, for example).  

Blossom addresses these connectivity challenges by using Powerline, which makes the installation process simple and provides a highly-reliable connection. With Powerline technology, Blossom turns electrical outlets into Internet connections – making its range essentially limitless for the home. It goes where others can't. Blossom is the only sprinkler controller that is built to be deployed indoors or outdoors – it has been engineered to withstand the elements. For users that may prefer a Wi-Fi solution, Blossom also provides this as an alternative.

Making a Global Impact, One Yard at a Time

We have a problem: Almost half of the water used for outdoor irrigation is wasted. Most residential irrigation systems rely on archaic controllers that don't take actual water needs, based on the local weather and vegetation, into account. Blossom is smarter than traditional 'mindless' controllers – it leverages the power of cloud computing to determine an optimal irrigation schedule. In fact, traditional sprinkler controllers are not controllers at all, they are simply timers – going on or off at pre-designated times. This is problematic, as the water consumption needs of plant life aren't based on time, they're based on local weather conditions. For example, your lawn is going to consume more water on a hot day than on a cool day. Blossom uses cloud technology to gather local forecast and daily data from thousands of weather stations and satellites and combines it with user feedback to create an optimized watering schedule. And, because every yard is a diverse ecosystem of grass, trees and plants, Blossom's technology ensures that each section of a yard is specifically watered based on layout and vegetation.

Simple, Intuitive Installation and Operation

With apps for iOS and Android, Blossom not only determines an optimal irrigation schedule, it also makes taking control of your yard a breeze, no matter where you are. Setting Blossom up is simple. It works with your current system's wires, valves and sprinklers – it's an easy retrofit, not a rip and replace. Simply remove the old controller, mount the Blossom controller, connect the existing valve wires, and download the Blossom app to be up and running in less than 15 minutes. In addition to giving you control of your own yard, Blossom is always looking for ways to better help you – it gets smarter based on your input. Through your smart phone, tablet or computer, you can make adjustments to the schedule based on your personal preferences.

Blossom Pays Off – in More Ways than One

Priced at $179, Blossom can pay for itself in water cost savings in less than one year. Blossom – and all of its built-in intelligence – is comparably priced to a conventional outdoor 12-station sprinkler controller. Once installed, Blossom can shave up to 30 percent off of future water bills.

"We know what it takes to build a reliable product that scales in the cloud and is cost effective," noted Blossom founder Manrique Brenes. "Blossom is the culmination of the expertise we, as the company's founders, gained in related fields combined with our desire to create something impactful across multiple sectors. With Blossom, we're not only making users' lives easier, we're helping them save money, conserve water and protect the environment for future generations."


Blossom is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter and priced at $89 for early adopters. The first units are slated to ship in January 2015. Please visit Kickstarter for all of the details.

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Blossom smart sprinkler takes the guesswork out of watering your lawn

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I'm seriously interested in Blossom for my "cabin" where I'm not available to keep an eye on my trees (and weeds.) We had a devastating forest fire about 10-years ago that came close to burning our place down and I want to be sure the place stays green and not dried out. This is one KS I'll be taking a look at.