Glow in the dark

If you're going to plant a flower inside, you may as well plant it in something that is super cool. In Bluem is the bioluminescent vessel which glows with a magical, natural, light thanks to the tiny organisms living inside.

It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!!!

Why be content with a simple vase for your flowers when you can have a conversation piece and science experiment all in one? Seriously, this is the flower pot that will wow guests when they come to your home. When night falls, simply give the cube-shaped vessel a shake and watch as it lights up with a magical glow!

In Bluem


In Bluem is the bioluminescent flower holder which casts a beautiful, natural glow when swirled during the night.

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The glowing blue light comes from the thousands of blooming plankton that thrive inside of the vase. These are the same things that light up the oceans of tropical beaches at night, but instead, you can harness their magic and beauty right in your own home. You can enjoy your In Bluem for months as the sun's energy transfers from the flower you've placed into the vase to feed the tiny plankton. Give it a swirl and watch it shine.