BMW and MINI add GoPro support to capture driving footage

By Bla1ze on 13 Jun 2014 04:41 pm

The idea of capturing your driving footage certainly isn't a new one but BMW, MINI and GoPro are hoping to take it to new levels. As part of the BMW Apps infotainment and MINI Connected systems, drivers will now be able to remotely control their WiFi equipped GoPro's power status, recording modes and more all from their vehicles dashboard.

Going beyond just what's included with GoPro though, the dashboard integration will also offer driving specific settings such as night driving, sports drive, winding road or straight road and of course, the ability to turn the camera around and record yourself driving.

Awesome right? Of course, it all begs the question of which vehicles are supported. In order for it all to work nicely, you'll need to have a BMW or MINI from 2012 or later running either BMW Apps or MINI Connected head units as well as Hero3 or later and an iPhone running the needed app which pretty much does all the heavy lifting and will be available later this month.

That's quite a few 'must haves' in order for it all to work but if you're really interested in having the ability to record your driving footage, it's pretty reasonable. It beats having to buy a brand new 2015 Corvette.

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BMW and MINI add GoPro support to capture driving footage


If you want the best tech in your car get a bmw, it is a fantastic system, and additions like this make each model year better and better.

2015 M4, starts around 65k (can get crazy expensive in a hurry though once you start checking boxes)