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The BMW i8 is the connected supercar of

BMW i8
By Richard Devine on 20 Jul 2014 01:50 pm

BMW has a new electric car about to hit the streets, and this time around things are a little more, high end, with just a hint of petrol, too. After the launch of the all-electric i3 – see our first drive from CES for more on that – the new i8 is BMW's first hybrid supercar. And it is stunning. The electric motor in the i8 is paired to a brand new, 1.5-liter three-cylinder petrol engine that promises amazing fuel economy figures. And with prices starting in the UK at £94,845, you can bet that it's loaded with all the toys you could want in your German supercar. And maybe, just a few more besides.

A SIM card, fitted as standard in the BMW i8, is the key that unlocks the BMW ConnectedDrive services which offers navigation services developed to enhance electric mobility, as well as the more familiar features. Drivers can use the BMW i Remote app to share information with their car at any time using their smartphone. This enables features such as the pedestrian navigation function that guides the driver from parking place to final destination and back. BMW ConnectedDrive also offers unique intermodal route guidance as a world first, which incorporates local public transport connections into journey planning, available from 2014.

The i8 also boasts an entirely digital dashboard display unit as well as a pretty nifty head up display (HUD). The standard navigation unit present in all models of the i8 integrates with the drivetrain management system developed specially for the car, and ensures that the electric motor is deployed for maximum efficiency.

There's a whole lot more to the BMW i8, including performance figures of 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds with a total, combined power output of 362bhp. It has just launched in Europe and as we've already seen it'll cost you around £100k to get one. Not cheap, but then supercars generally aren't. What BMW has done is give us a glimpse of tomorrow's supercars, today. McLaren and Porsche both make incredible hybrid supercars, but compared to them the price of the i8 is a standout bargain. So, what do we think?

BMW i8

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The BMW i8 is the connected supercar of


Design wise it's one of the most interesting cars lately. That said will it charge my Moto360 while I'm driving?

the i8 however is a hybrid and isn't limited to an electric range before needing a recharge, and I'm sure this handles much better than the tesla as well. Can't really compare them this thing is much more exotic.

Right. The Model S is a luxury saloon, this is a supercar. In the UK at least, all-electric cars are a way off being completely practical.

I drive a Model S. It handles like a dream and has no range issues whatsoever. I put 3000 km on the odometer the first month and not once did I worry I wouldn't have enough charge to get me where I was going. This month I'll have to do a slight top-up of the battery from the road to make it from Montreal to Toronto. That will be the only time I need to do so at a charger that provides 100km per hour. Next time Tesla will have their superchargers ready in Canada, and I'll be able to add 200km of range in about 15 minutes (while I grab a coffee and take a bathroom break).

BMW is priced like a supercar and has very low electric-only range. Tesla is pure electric awesomeness.

No, 135mpg I think. Which given the sort of car it is really isn't that bad. It's more than 3 times the fuel efficiency of my not a supercar ;)

Same here, lol. I think I will still go with a Tesla. Supercar with great handling, better fuel efficiency, better fuel prices, and a lot better price. It doesn't hurt that it is one of the safest cars on the planet

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That BMW mustache grill, no matter how it's implemented, screams sedan to me. I know BMW has a history of making fast cars, but it looks very out of place on a supercar such as this. Of course, this all subjective.

The BMW has launched a latest electric car known as i8. The new model comes with full configuration which gives more power to the car. The car runs with petrol with high speed. There is a latest technology of efficiency i.e three cylindrical petrol engine. The engine comes with latest features which others electric cars don't have. The car covers a distance of 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds, so that we can say ti is the super fast car among all others. The car needs to be services at authorized workshop.