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Bowflex will try to keep your workout smart with smart dumbbells

Bowflex smart dumbbells keep your workout smart.
By Chuong H Nguyen on 24 Jun 2014 04:33 pm

While connected fitness bands and watches can readily track how far you've ran or how many calories you've burned, they don't work so well when lifting weights. Enter Bowflex's SmartTech 560 dumbbells, a connected dumbbell that lets you track, monitor, and get your weightlifting into better form. Expected to be priced at between $450 and $500 when they launch, the pair of dumbbells allows users to adjust the weights on demand, log your reps, and also inform you if you're moving your arms too fast.

The dumbbells will connect over Bluetooth to an Android or iOS app so you can log your workout progress, view video tutorials via MyFitnessPal, and also partake in challenges.

Using Bowflex's SelectTech tech, the SmartTech dumbbells can adjust their weight anywhere between 2 and 90 pounds. The embedded video below demonstrates the SelectTech feature:

The company anticipates that these dumbbells will be ready in time for the holidays, though an exact release date isn't yet announced.

At under $500 for the set, will you be eyeing these smart dumbbells by the time silver bells ring? Is the price for smart and connected dumbbells worth it?

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Bowflex will try to keep your workout smart with smart dumbbells


I admit I would really like these, but $500 is a bit steep for me. Perhaps more of the jet set crowd will plop down their cash?

The price isn't that bad, compared to what you would pay for individual dumbbells. Plus you save a lot of space, but I'd say a gym membership is a better investment.

These do not cost more than the select bell and trust me is very much worth the money. If I had to buy them again I would easily

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I would buy it... problem for me is my Condo is really to small for even this and there is a gym in the building.
When I move to a house though, something like this is on the list for sure.