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Brushed Stainless Pebble Steel gets another price drop at Amazon, now just $169.99

Pebble Steel
By Adam Zeis on 2 Oct 2014 10:18 am

Earlier this week, Pebble dropped the price of the Pebble Steel to just $199 — which is a $50 savings off of the original price tag. Some eagle eyed shoppers have spotted an even better deal though, as it appears that you can pick up a brushed stainless model of the Steel at Amazon for just $169.99 — an additional $30 savings.

As if dropping the price $50 wasn't enough, saving a total of $80 off the price of a Pebble Steel is a bargain in our book. While we still love the newly discounted original Pebble (now just $99), the Steel remains one of our favorite smartwatches.

It's good to note that it looks like only the brushed stainless variant gets the extra discount, as Amazon still lists the black matte model for $199.

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Brushed Stainless Pebble Steel gets another price drop at Amazon, now just $169.99


It was, but sadly it didn't last long.

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Prices will continue dropping. Pebble advertises "Built for iPhone, works with Android.". Too many touch screen, color screen, smart watches out there for Android, and now with the release of the Apple Watch, Pebble's days are numbered, unless they reinvent themselves, mainly new OS touch screen, the works. Pebble should really consider making Native apps for platforms that don't have wearables, like Windows and BlackBerry 10. There are two big markets of consumers there who would love to own a smart watch and Pebble can capitalize.

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I don't think they're numbered. They make a good product. I like the Steel and black matte versions. And the battery lasts days, not day, which is something I love. They may need a new line with some more features and maybe a colour version, but I think they'll be fine. To think people wouldn't buy this for $200 but will pay 3$50 to god know how much for the Apple watch seems far fetched. But if anyone can make people pay too much for something when there is something else that would do just fine, it's Apple. I do honestly believe there are enough people who will like the price point and the look and the features for Pebble to keep going.

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Yes, Pebble is still a small company but until blue tooth and screen technology gets way better in reducing battery drain Pebble will have its fans because the watch lasts for days before needing to be charged. If you like to charge your watch, phone, several times a day together then you like the watches that have all those features but don't last as long.

I personally like not having to charge my phone and watch several times a day and so just like Amazon's e-readers, Pebble will have a place for the next few years. After that, sure hope battery technology catches up for all of us.