A smart way to celebrate your achievements

What do you get when you combine emotion with motivation? The answer is Moti, a smart device created to nudge you to take the steps you need to become a healthier and happier you.

Become a better you, one habit at a time

Using the latest insights behind behavioral science and social robotics, Moti is a cute little robot-like tool that helps you form better habits so you can become the you that you keep saying you'll become tomorrow. You know, the one who wakes up early to hit the gym before work, kills it every day at the office, and makes a healthy dinner at home before practicing up on guitar.

Kind of like Pavlov and his dogs, Moti can be programmed to help you celebrate your small wins to condition you to feel good when you do something on your to-do list. He cheers for you with lights, happy tones and vibrations when you accomplish something, but he can make you feel guilty by letting out a disappointed tone if you don't do the things you'd planned on. Think the most depressed Wall-E sound you've ever heard...you don't want to let that little guy down, do you? Do you?



Moti is a smart device that will help you track your goals and encourage you to keep forming positive habits.

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Progressing together

This Kickstarter is designed to acts as a reminder to keep committed to your goals and strive to keep accomplishing the things you set out to do. Because Moti is connected to the internet, he can analyze your progress and know if you're improving or falling behind, and he evolves as you do...the more you accomplish, the more excited Moti is for you and the more he encourages you.