This is a Tesla you can actually afford!

Need a hobby? Like to tinker and build things yourself? Want every room in the house to have a Victor Frankenstein vibe? If you answered yes to any of these three questions, it's time to meet the tinyTesla!

A tiny project

The tinyTesla opens the doors to a very enjoyable hobby. There is a group of people who get a kick out of building their own Tesla coils. They're called "coilers" and with the right kit, you can become one too! Tesla coils look super cool! They shoot off little bolts of electricity. And they can even be tricked into playing music!



The Tiny Tesla is a kit that allows you to build your own electric Tesla coil!

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The tinyTesla comes will all the components you need to build your own coil. Get an inexpensive soldering iron, watch a Youtube video on how to use a soldering pen, then you're off to work! Assemble this kit properly and you can plug it into your computer to control it through a USB port! Do things like play MIDI files or simply put on a great light show and run around the room screaming "It's alive...It's ALIVE!!!"