There's an Indiegogo campaign running that's been getting a lot of attention. It already way passed its $100,000 pledge goal with over $420K raised in just three days. So what's all the excitement about?

Butterfleye promises to be a smart, simple, wireless home monitoring camera. It uses Activity Based Recording (ABR) to record only whenever sound or movement are detected. This allows Butterfleye to preserve energy, storage, and bandwidth. When not recording, the Butterfleye runs in a low power idle state that allows the unit to function without needing to be plugged in. That's right, no cords. The device runs entirely on a built-in rechargeable battery that can supposedly last for up to two weeks. No need for outlets means the Butterfleye can be easily placed or mounted anywhere you desire.

The other great feature of Butterfleye is its internal storage capacity. It's able to record footage for up to 12 hours onto its 16GB of internal space. This also means you can use it where no WiFi connection is present. When you get within proximity of the camera, it acts as a WiFi hotspot and allows you to connected your device and check its storage footage.

Butterfleye also promises to be a smarter webcam, by learning its environments and not pushing out notifications for things that may be irrelevant. Changes in light, trees moving, wind blowing are all things that trigger most cameras on the market, Butterfleye promises to learn and ignore these as false alarms.

The free Butterfleye iOS and Android app lets you check on your camera remotely if it's WiFi connected. Notifications are pushed live to your device for any sound or motion detected, and you also get a nice organized timeline of all previous events. All cameras will come with 24 hours of free cloud storage, and they will offer subscription plans for storage of 7 to 30 days.

The early bird crowdfunding campaign has $199 pledges still available that promise to get you a Butterfleye by Decembers end.

Pledge to get your early-bird Butterfleye / $199