Buy a Sonos, get a free six month trial of Google Play Music All Access

Google Play Music and a Sonos Play:1
By Derek Kessler on 28 May 2014 02:20 pm

Sonos is meant to stream your music wirelessly to speakers throughout your house, and now it can help you do the same for less. The company is now running a promotion wherein you can purchase any Sonos product (excepting the all-connecting Bridge) and get a free six month trial of Google Play Music All Access thrown in on top of that. That's not a bad deal, though you'll be shelling out a minimum of $200 for a Sonos Play:1 speaker to be able to take advantage.

Qualifying purchases through July 5, 2014 (check the Terms and Conditions at the source link below for the start date, which varies by country, but generally starting today is okay) will able to claim their six month trial of Google Play Music All Access. And yes, that's a trial, not just six free months. You'll have to not already be an All Access customer to benefit here. And buying multiple speakers won't get you more months, unless you want to set each speaker up as a standalone unit and set up a separate Google Play Music account for each as well.

Typically, All Access only comes with a 30-day trial, and is $9.99 a month thereafter. That said, if you're looking to jump into Google Play Music All Access and need to add a new Sonos to your system, you can save $50 in the process. And you can stream that Google Play Music directly to your Sonos. Not a bad deal. Who's game?

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Buy a Sonos, get a free six month trial of Google Play Music All Access


Agreed, not really interested in the google....I had a chance to check out Sonos demo the other day...the sound was amazing and so easy to setup. Very very tempting..

While it's a nice promotion isn't going to convince me to run out and buy my next sonos purchase... however nothing wrong with getting something extra/bonus when buying a product. Good promotion idea! PS I LOVE MY SONOS SYSTEM!!!

When Google Play Music started on Sonos they also offered a 3 month trial without buying a new Sonos which I took advantage of. I am currently trialing this combination and I must say they I like it really much. Google Music and Sonos is just a winning combination.

That's a nice deal. Google Play Music and Sonos are a great combo, and getting 6 months free to explore it is sweet.