Call Handling Pro gives you better control of incoming phone calls on the Sony Smartwatch 2

By Jared DiPane on 28 Jan 2014 12:17 pm

Ever wish that you could use your Sony Smartwatch 2 to reply to a phone call with a text message, or even answer the call and activate the speakerphone on the device? Unfortunately Sony's application limits the possibilities a bit but lucky for us someone has solved the issue on Android.

Using Call Handling Pro you can take full control over these phone calls, and manage them the way you need to. In order for the application to work properly you will first need to uninstall the Sony call handler application, simply disabling it is not enough. 

Once you have taken care of that you will want to head into Google Play and download Call Handling Pro, which is a paid app and is currently priced at $3.49. The list of added functionality that comes along with this price tag is quite tremendous, and some of the advantages include

  • Reject call with a SMS
  • Hang up call
  • Answer with loudspeaker (on/off in settings)
  • Vibrate on incoming call (on/off in settings)
  • Start up on outgoing call (on/off in settings)
  • Displays contact picture as background

The full list is far more intensive, and the added functionality will prove priceless for those who field tons of phone calls through the day or for those who spend a majority of the day on the road. If you are looking to take a little more control over handling the incoming phone calls on your Sony Smartwatch you will definitely want to check this app out at the link below.

More information/Download Call Handling Pro

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Call Handling Pro gives you better control of incoming phone calls on the Sony Smartwatch 2


I thought this app was much better then the sony one. The only downside I saw was it doesn't answer the phone on HTC phones.

This app is a must have. Got it the day I got my SW2.

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