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40 new car models will ship with CarPlay in 2015

During today's "Spring Forward" press event, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the company's CarPlay will be installed in 40 new car models for 2015. Cook also stated that every major car maker have made commitments to CarPlay, but details were not revealed. There's also no word on which car...
Volkswagen bringing Android Auto and CarPlay to its cars later this year

Volkswagen bringing Android Auto and CarPlay to its cars later this year

Volkswagen made a range of announcements at CES 2015 today, but one of the most interesting is a small mention that Android Auto and CarPlay will be coming to Volkswagen cars as part of the company's second-generation "modular infotainment platform" (MIB II) sometime in 2015. From...
Pioneer CarPlay

The first third-party Apple CarPlay systems are here from Pioneer

We first saw an example of what Pioneer is doing with Apple CarPlay at the recent IFA event in Berlin, Germany, and today we have the very first official release information. Besides launching a new, CarPlay compatible unit, Pioneer is issuing a firmware update for some of its existing units to...
Apple CarPlay

Hands-on with Apple CarPlay from Pioneer: Same great experience without a new car

Apple CarPlay has been a real thing for a while now, though we're not yet seeing it actually out on the roads – incredibly expensive Ferraris not withstanding. Of course, for those of us who want the experience without buying a new vehicle, third party units are what we'll be looking at. Like...

Apple adds Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Mazda and more partners for CarPlay

Apple has just updated its official CarPlay website showing several more vehicle manufacturing partners plan to support the company's iOS-based car technology. The newly announced partners include Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Mazda, Jeep, Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Ram. The list also adds Audi, which...

Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay: Different yet very much alike

In recent months the connected auto space has seen a pair of announcements that could well represent a significant shift. Google and Apple both want to be in your car now as well as in your pocket and both have announced specialist versions of their respective mobile operating systems to...

Audi confirmed as latest CarPlay partner for 2015 launch

Audi has confirmed it will be adding support for Apple's CarPlay vehicle technology to some of its models, with plans for a launch sometime in 2015. Audi says that the addition of CarPlay will happen thanks to "intensive dialog between the Audi development lab in Silicon Valley and Apple" and...
Google reportedly revealing CarPlay rival next week

Google reportedly revealing CarPlay rival next week

A new report is saying that Google is gearing up to introduce a CarPlay rival at their I/O conference next week. The in-car solution will sport features similar to those of Apple's CarPlay, allowing users to navigate the software using their vehicle's own built-in controls. The system would...
Volvo XC90

New Volvo XC90 to have Apple CarPlay and HERE technology

When Volvo first announced the new XC90 it promised to tease us with snippets of information over a period of weeks leading towards the grand external reveal. Today is another of those days and it brings good news on the in-car tech front; both Apple CarPlay and integrated HERE technology has...
Volvo XC90

Volvo announces the new XC90, no mention of CarPlay just yet

Volvo has today made official the brand new XC90, and along with it an interesting looking unveiling program that as yet doesn't make mention of Apple's CarPlay. Starting today, Volvo will gradually release snippets of information about the new XC90 culminating in the grand external reveal...
Pioneer shows off their slick CarPlay integration for aftermarket car stereos

Pioneer shows off their slick CarPlay integration for aftermarket car stereos

Pioneer has demoed Apple CarPlay integration with its NEX dash systems as we draw closer to the final iteration of the experience. It's simple to get started: you just plug in an iPhone and the software opens automatically and takes over the car's display with CarPlay Pioneer will be loading...
Apple CarPlay in a Ferrari

Is Apple CarPlay too distracting?

Being distracted in the car is a bad, bad thing. Using your phone, playing around with the stereo, talking to passengers, whatever form it takes, taking your eyes away from the road can prove fatal. So then, technology which adds yet more potential for distraction in the car is automatically a...