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Casio introduces new Bluetooth enabled STB-1000 sports watch at #CESlive

By Richard Devine on 8 Jan 2014 04:43 pm

At CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Casio has introduced a brand new sports watch with Bluetooth connectivity that hooks up to your iPhone and integrates with a range of partnered fitness apps. We've had a brief first look at the STB-1000, which combines the design of a traditional digital watch with a range of integrated smart features. 

A Pebble or Galaxy Gear this most definitely is not. To look at, the STB-1000 is just like any other Casio digital watch. An LCD display is paired with four buttons around the exterior of the watch and a start/lap and power button on the front. But, while those buttons control standard watch features like stop/reset and the on-board light, they can also be mapped to control your music player on your iPhone. Play and pause tracks, adjust the volume and skip tracks all using the watches buttons.

In terms of other smart functionality, the STB-1000 will show you your notifications, albeit in simplistic form.  The watch will vibrate when you get a notification or a phone call, and while it won't show you the content or who's calling, the convenience of still getting the on wrist notification while your phone is in your bag or pocket is great to have. Other cool features include a phone finder feature, the ability to configure watch settings.

Better yet, since the STB-1000 is a sports watch, Casio has partnered with so far four iPhone fitness apps; Runmeter, Walkmeter, and Cyclemeter from Abvio, and Wahoo Fitness. Using these apps, you're able to access your fitness data being collected on your iPhone right from your watch. Casio will also be releasing its own companion app for the watch in the near future, and more app partnerships are said to be in the pipeline. 

And the icing on the cake? The battery life of the STB-1000 is two years. After all, this is a regular watch with added Bluetooth smart capabilities. It also comes with a sleep mode, so that when you take it off at night for example and set it on the nightstand, the display will turn off. As soon as you move it again, it comes right back on. 

We don't have any exact release timings or price right now, but a Casio representative at CES told us to expect it around the $100 mark, in either black or black and orange. 

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Casio introduces new Bluetooth enabled STB-1000 sports watch at #CESlive


I agree, pretty ugly, but I am sure there is a market for it. Casio watches are very tough, the added features are very welcome to those with a very active lifestyle.

Ive got a solar powered casio g shock on right now. I use it as my daily watch getting beat up at work. I think I paid 100$ for it, guess its time to upgrade. Can never have too much bluetooth in my life.

I have the Casio G-Shock GB-6900AA. Has plenty of alerts even though it doesn't do full read-outs and it works with my Note 3 just fine. There is a newer version of the watch coming out (6900-B) that offers a couple more features and the same 2 year battery life. I like the styling personally.

<Link to the page would go here if it were allowed>

Now it can be found for aproximately 70€!! I use this watch with an Android phone (Galaxy Note 3) using the "BlueWatcher" android application. It's a thirdparty app that enables notifications and phone control for STB-1000 in Android phones.