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CES 2015 is upon us, and it's more connected than ever before

CES 2015
By Adam Zeis on 5 Jan 2015 02:20 am

This week is CES 2015, and much like last year, there will be a ton of connected devices — everything from smartwatches to connected cars to fitness trackers to connected home and more. In just a few hours the show floor will be packed with all kinds of new devices looking to make their way into your connected world.

Last year was the year of the smartwatch — which was great for us, having just launched SmartwatchFans. We saw loads of promising devices, however many of them have yet to see the light of day. For all of the great devices like the Pebble Steel, Neptune Pine and Martian Notifier, there were twice as many that still have yet to hit the market — the HOT watch, three devices from Archos, Sonostar, and not to mention, the failed Kreyos Meteor.

This year we won't see nearly as many new smartwatches on display though. Partly thanks to Google's Android Wear devices that have been rolling out over the last year, and partly due to the anticipation of the Apple Watch due out in a few months. There will be a handful of smaller devices trying to break into the space, but nothing that will cause any excitement like last year's Pebble Steel announcement.

Aside from smartwatches, the connected space is growing bigger and bigger. That means more new (and old) players will be trying to break into the space with the newest and best connected devices. There's no way around it — connected devices are taking over, and there will be no shortage of them here at CES.

What we will see are a slew of connected toys (DRONES!), fitness trackers, connected home devices, smart locks, connected kitchen accessories, Wi-Fi cameras, connected cars, and the usual lot of obscure devices like an Android connected oven. If it's connected, it will be here (somewhere).

Long story short — if you're into connected devices, there will be no shortage of them during CES 2015. There will be plenty of connected goodies to come from our #CESLive show this year, and we'll do our best to find the cream of the crop on the show floor as well. So make sure you keep it locked here and check back often to see all the goods.

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CES 2015 is upon us, and it's more connected than ever before

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