A power source, wherever you go!

Do you always have more energy than your phone or smartwatch? Use MonoCharge and never see that terrifying, red battery icon again!


Ready to go but your phone isn't? The days of waiting around for enough juice to get you through the day or night out are over. With the MonoCharge, you can wirelessly charge your iPhone or Android device, Apple Watch, and tablet simultaneously whether you're at home, the office, or on the go.



Never buy another charger again! MonoCharge boosts all your devices simultaneously at home, the office or travelling.

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Power Up

This KickStarter uses Qi Technology to wirelessly charge your devices. Its innovative design comes in a few color combos mixing glossy black, charcoal, blue, and white, and lends itself to whatever you're doing. Kickstand mode gives your phone a power boost while you're playing games or powering through a Netflix sesh, Nightstand mode charges your phone, watch and tablet while you're charging up in Dreamland, and On the Go mode lets you fold the MonoCharge up to take with you wherever you go.