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Check out the awesome new Connectedly header!

By Adam Zeis on 1 Aug 2014 11:53 pm

We're getting a fresh coat of awesomeness today! If you're visiting from your desktop or mobile device (no changes in the app, yet!) you can see our brand new header, packed with all kinds of fresh goodies. We're bringing all of the biggest news and stories up close and personal, so you'll always see the hottest posts as soon as you hit the site. Mixed in we'll have some of our most popular links so you can easily navigate to where you need to be.

Along the very top of the header you'll see the main links to some of the biggest sections of Connectedly, including News, Rumors, Reviews, and Help & How-To. Alongside you can head into the most popular Connectedly forums threads, or hit up our Buyers Guide to see the latest and greatest connected devices.

The main part of the new header is obviously the featured story block (those BIG blocks). That is where we'll highlight the most important news, rumors and reviews. It will constantly be updated with what we think are the best Connectedly stories so you'll never have to look too far to get to all of the action.

Underneath are more quick links to some hot topics around the site, all of which will be updated regularly as well.

Many thanks to all of the Mobile Nations team who (always) work so hard to make things like this happen. Since it's all brand new there might be a glitch or two here and there, so be sure to drop a comment here if you see anything funktastic along the way. Of course if you have any suggestions, we're open to those as well!

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Check out the awesome new Connectedly header!

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