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Check your Pebble battery at a glance with Battery Lifetime

By Adam Zeis on 6 Feb 2014 11:32 am

One of the things I hate about my Pebble is the lack of a battery indicator. At this point I know more or less how much use I can get off a charge, but there are still times when I'll forget to plug in and my battery will flat-out die. The only notification you get is that tiny little low battery on the menu screen — not the greatest solution. With the updated firmware though, this is less of an issue since there is a low battery alert built in as well.

I did come across a very cool app though that lets you check your battery status whenever you want. It goes by the name of Battery Lifetime and not only shows the remaining battery percentage, but also estimated days remaining as well.

The watch face shows a giant battery and percentage indicator which should be easy enough for anyone to read, but also has a set of 7 dots along the top which tell you how many days (roughly) you have left on your battery — very cool.

iPhone users can search under Apps in the Pebble appstore for Battery Lifetime to grab it free. Android users will need to wait a bit or grab the appstore beta here.

Reader comments

Check your Pebble battery at a glance with Battery Lifetime


I prefer to use the watchface called "Simple Weather", which shows date, time, weather icon and temperature. In the bottom right corner, there's a small watch battery percentage indicator in multiples of ten. Much more efficient and saves an app space.

Nice find. I have been using the 91dub v2.0 watchface. I just scroll to the watchface from my regular one when i want to check the battery level.

I use this app as well. The level of detail has helped me gain a keener appreciation for average battery depletion. It also comes as a watch face.

Super Watchface has the time, weather, bluetooth connection icon and your battery %. I don't really like 91dub, looks too much like an 80s calculator watch but it does have the % as well.

Pebble Cards is also pretty sweet! I can easily check the score of the Leafs game on the go :)

I like using Smartstatus more since it shows both the Pebble's battery life and my iPhone's battery life at the same time. It also shows current weather, date time, upcoming appointments and music playing.

I Like Smartstatus (from Smartwatch+) but the problem is that it does not refresh itself and needs to be connected everytime you want a realtime status of the batteries (phone and watch). This is good but at the cost of one extra app only for checking battery status.