Keep thieves out of your pants!

Tap and pay cards couldn't be handier when you're rushing through the checkout. Unfortunately they've revealed a new way for tech-savvy pickpockets to get your money. Protect yourself in the most stylish way possible with the Chelsea RFID protective wallet.

Minimalist wallet. Maximum protection.

If you're just looking for a slim wallet that is comfortable in your back pocket and discreet in your front wallet, this is an excellent option. Consider the advanced security protection a bonus. With new technology, thieves can get your bank card info simply by passing a reading device nearby your wallet. Chelsea protects you with RFID insulation, specifically designed to block these scanners. Simply slide your tap-and-pay cards into the wallet's internal pocket and that's it! Chelsea's got you covered!

Chelsea RFID Protective Wallet


The Chelsea RFID protective wallet features a slim profile to store your money and bank cards and was designed to protect high-tech scanners from stealing your card information.

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Functionality is the priority

Even without the security features, this is a superior design for a minimalist wallet. It has a skinny profile but a high capacity with enough room for up to 12 cards plus some cash or even your office key. A smart strap helps you pull out the card you need, then it magnetically snaps back in place. The Chelsea RFID protective wallet is made from top-grade leather and available in several cool or classic finishes.