This week on KickedTV, Drew is back with guest presenter Patrick to bring us the newest and best crowdfunding projects of the week.


At #5 is the Helix, the first wearable with headphones on your wrist. Helix is a stylish wristband with Bluetooth Headphones built-in. Take your headphones anywhere you go without having to worry about tangled cords. The Helix wristband loop uses magnets to connect and can accommodate different sized wrists. The Helix is already past its pledge goal, with all the $99 pledges gone. There are still some $119 slots available that will get your Helix shipped to you by December.

Pledge to get your Helix headphones / $119


At #4 is the Slick stabilizer. This 3-axis motorized GoPro stabilizer will help you capture smooth shake-free videos during any activity. Using the standard GoPro mounts, you can attach your Slick to any of your accessories. Slick is fully waterproof and can double as a gimbal on many GoPro mountable drones. The demand for such a product is clear as Slick is way past its pledge goal and most of the early bird pledges are gone. There are still $229 pledges available that estimate a March 2016 delivery date.

Pledge to get your Slick stabilizer / $229


At #3 is the Leveraxe. The oldest tool known to mankind reinvented to be safer and more efficient. Leveraxe uses lever mechanism and rotational action to split logs with ease. The Axe head is attached from the side, and not the center, which changes the center of gravity. After hitting and breaking the log with the Leveraxe head, the right side counterweight forces the axe to fall sideways, which splits the log. Leveraxe is near its pledge goal, with some $119 spots open that estimate November 2015 as a product delivery date.

Pledge to get your Leveraxe / $119

Go Cubes

At #2 are Go Cubes. Go Cubes is chewable coffee gummies offered in three different flavours. Two little Go Cubes chewable are the equivalent of a cup of coffee. Choose from Latte, Pure Drip, or Mocha flavoured cubes and take your coffee wherever you go. Each cube is 35 calories and also packs many active ingredients such as Vitamin B3, B6, B12. A $32 pledge will get you a 50 pack of Go Cubes. Neat for those seeking to take their coffee where they couldn't before, just don't eat too many cubes.

Pledge to get your Go Cubes chewable coffee / $32


Finally, at the #1 spot is Exploride. Exploride gives you a smart, safe and connected driving experience by providing hands-free access to maps, calls, texts, notifications, music and onboard diagnostics of your car. This transparent 6" display can be placed on your dash and connects to a number of devices for total hands-free convenience. Using an OBD scanner, the Exploride can access all your car's data and alert you to any problems. Pair the Exporide with your smartphone using Bluetooth and make calls, access text messages, maps, music and more. Exploride has met its pledge goal, and $269 will get you a unit with an expected ship date of January 2016.

Pledge to get your Exploride / $269

Thanks Drew and Patrick. Check out more KickedTV episodes for even more crowdfunded projects.