The Marshall Amp that doesn't need a guitar

When you look at any rock icon's gear during an epic concert, you'll see a Marshall amp on stage. Even if the only guitar you play is air guitar, you can look like a rocker with this amplifier-inspired fridge.

Crank it to 11

Designed with the timeless style of a Marshall amp this mini fridge looks amazing! The front of the fridge is decorated with authentic marshall knobs, exactly like you'd find on their guitar amps. And yes, these ones go to 11 (shout out to Spinal Tap). The same Marshall logo that has stood behind Angus Young, Slash, and Jimi Hendrix will be proudly displayed on your new fridge. With guitar jack inputs and an authentic Marshall on/off switch, it looks like this thing is ready to scream out a guitar solo rather than chilling your favourite beer.

Marshall Fridge


The Marshall Fridge is a dead-ringer for an iconic guitar amp, but instead of using it to rock out, you'll use it to keep your drinks cold.

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The coolest amp

As cool as a Marshall guitar amp looks, if you need a fridge, you want to want it to do the stuff that any other mini fridge can do, not just look sick! Don't worry. The Marshall fridge has a full sized, adjustable shelf and a half-sized glass shelf allowing you to configure the fridge for cans, glass bottles, or even two litre plastic bottles. This fridge is Energy Star compliant (won't jack up your electric bill) and even has a small freezer so you can ice your drinks if need be.

Is this fridge twice the money of beer fridges of similar size? Yes. Is this the coolest beer fridge money can buy? Yes.