It wouldn't be the first time a Chinese Car company has pretty blatantly ripped off another car manufacturer. So it wasn't a huge suprise to see Youxia Motors unveil a new electric car that will supposedly compete against the upcoming Tesla Model 3. It's called the Youxia X, and it looks very similar to the Tesla Model S, but no where is the similarity more obvious than on the inside where the Youxia X has two tablet displays similar to the Model S.

The Youxia X will have 348 horsepower, and 440nm of torque from its electric engine, a range of 273 miles (440 kilometers), act like a WiFi hotspot, and has an operating system based on Google Android 5.0 that will work with both Apple and Android Devices. And if you miss the sound of your gas powered engine while you drive, the Youxia X can serenade your ears with sounds of cars such as the Ferrari 488 GTB, the LaFerrari, and the Jaguar F-Type thru the stereo system.

All this priced between $32,000 to $48,000 and set to begin production towards the end of 2016.