Play with your food at the dinner/pool table!

Generally speaking a pool table is a terrible idea for a dinner table unless you live in a frat house. But owning a pool table isn't the most practical thing since they are seldom used. Aramith recognized this dilemma and have created a very cool solution.

Pool party

The Fusion Table brings the fun of a pool table with the practicality of a dining table. When it's game time, you have a full-sized pool table at your disposal to shoot some pool. But for the majority of times when you're not playing pool you can convert the fusion table into an classy dining table for your home!

Fusion Tables

Fusion Tables combine a classy billiards table and a dining set in one.


Fusion Tables by Aramith convert a traditional pool table and package it into an elegant and convertible dining room table.

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Pass the chalk, please

Fusion Tables are completely customizable to your tastes. Choose between six wood finishes, 27 baize cloth top colors, and any combination of custom benches, chairs, and side tables, and you can ensure this unique piece of furniture will stand out as a feature piece in your home, or blend seamlessly into your existing decor.

An entire design team laboured tirelessly over the Fusion Table project to create the best experience for your. The perfect height and proportions were calculated create a perfect billiards experience while still feeling like a welcoming dinner table when the Fusion Table was being used for meals and socializing. The end product is a cleverly-designed and beautiful piece of furniture that would not look out of place in an elegant great room or a basement rec room.