No Green thumb? No Problem!

Nothing beats home cooking. Except maybe one thing...home cooking using fresh food and herbs right from your garden. But who has the time and space for that? Thanks to Click and Grow, if you have a counter, you can have a garden. Right in your kitchen.

Indoor gardening the smart way

The Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden is the urban equivalent of a farm-to-table cooking. The Smart Herb Garden works as a planter, greenhouse, and automated irrigation system all in oned! No gardening skills required. The reservoir base of the planter holds enough water for an entire month. Overhead lamps can be raised, lowered, and automatically program to provide the perfect amount of light for your crop. And Click and Grow's smart soil releases nutrients and retains water so you do not have to use fertilizers or pesticides to nurture your food.

Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden Starter Kit



Plant basil, strawberries, catnip and more in the Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden and sit back while this automated planter does all the work for you.

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The "smart" part of this herb garden comes from the technology within the planter. Sensors inside of the planter monitor the condition of your soil and the specific plant kit that is loaded into the garden. These sensors will automatically dispense the right amount of water to each type of plant growing in your garden. You just have to remember once a month to top up the water and everything else is taken care of. By downloading the Click and Grow app you can monitor the progress of your herbs and vegetables and even view a timelapse video or shoot a quick image of your latest harvest. The Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden Starter Kit has spots for three different plants to grow simultaneously. Once you're done with your first successful garden, refill the smart planter with fresh mint, basil, wild strawberries, chilli peppers, oregano, catnip, flowers, and more!