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A closer look at the Modillian Smart Strap

By Adam Zeis on 20 May 2014 02:41 pm

Last week we caught word of a new Bluetooth clasp that will make nearly any regular watch smarter. Modillian is a small clasp that fits over a standard watch band and provides light vibrations for alerts on a connected smartphone. So rather than swapping out your classic timepiece for a smartwatch, you can simply add Modillian to your collection and make all of your watches smartwatches.

The Indiegogo campaign kicks off on June 10th, but we reached out to Modillian to get some more details on the upcoming device.

Modillian will work much like you'd expect — connect it to your smartphone over Bluetooth and go about your business. The app will allow notifications for email, text messages, calendar events, and phone calls. It will also alert you when your phone is out of range. You'll be able to fine-tune specific alerts to fit your needs depending on the situation as well, giving you the ability to cut down on broad alerts. For example, choose to receive only alerts for emails from your spouse or notifications for your next meeting, and nothing else. The app itself will be updated the future with more functionality as well.

Modillian also consumes very little energy and thus will only need to be charged about once per week.

On the topic of price, Modillian says that their target market is people who already wear expensive watches and won't have a problem with a $200 accessory. The Smart Strap is made from high quality materials and many luxury watch owners already spend $200 or more on straps or bracelets for their watches, so why not spend the same for a Smart Strap as well? Modillian is also considering a lower-cost model with similar functionality in "more modest" packaging.

Just a few more weeks until the Modillian campaign kicks off on Indiegogo where there will be plenty more in store.

What do you think of Modillian? Would you add one to your favorite watch?

Reader comments

A closer look at the Modillian Smart Strap


In other words they noted the backlash from the tech community, you know their actual market, re the pricing and are now in the process of backtracking.

Nice addon. But I'm not rich enough for that. Will take that money for a full smartwatch. Will wait to see what will the "more modest" package have to offer and maybe reconsider.

I wouldn't mind spending $200 on my watch IF THIS WAS WORTH IT. $200 for a vibrating piece of......"thing". It just connects to my phone via bluetooth and gives me vibration alerts, that's it!

Not worth $200 even if you're filthy rich and just want to buy an add-on just cause it's made of premium material!

If this was 100$ or less I could really see this taking off big time. Who knows, it still might. Just seems a little steep for what it is to me

My phone already vibrates. At no additional cost.

This is quite literally useless. The ONLY function it provides that's remotely unique to putting on the watch is alerting you when you've walked away from your phone. Still not worth $200. Maybe $20.

I like this idea. One feature I'd like for it is a way to find you're phone if you can't see it. On another note, can we not say it will make your watch smarter. Smarter implies learning, which this strap can't accomplish. It will make the watch instinctive since it will react to situations.

Insanely overpriced. $200 for a little box that buzzes? Price it under $50 and then we'll talk.