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Cogito and Cogito Pop smartwatches announced

Cogito & Cogito Pop
By Jared DiPane on 6 Jan 2014 03:27 pm

ConnecteDevice, the folks behind the Cookoo, just took the wrapper off of their latest two devices, the Cogito and the Cogito Pop. While they may not be bringing the latest and greatest of tech to the table, the devices are still very functional and make great additions to their smartwatch family. Following the design of the Cookoo, the Cogito and Cogito Pop combine the use of an analog clock and a digital display for notifications.

The Cogitio Pop is the lower end of the two devices but features  design that they believe will be more likely to appeal to the masses. Coming in a variety of different colors the Cogito Pop will have an analog style clock, but it will utilized LED technology to display notifications. Just by looking at the device it would be really hard to tell that it was a smartwatch, which is something that will appeal to many.

If you are looking for a little more class in the design, and the digital display to show off the notifications the Cogito is what you will be looking for. On this device the digital display will notify you who is calling or messaging, and give you the option to accept or decline calls right from your wrist.

Both devices use Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology and run off of standard watch batteries so they don't require recharging like others do. When the battery is dead all you have to do is buy a new one and they are easily replaceable.  

The Cogito Pop comes in at a price point of $129, and the Cogito comes in at $179, and both devices are currently available for order.

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Cogito and Cogito Pop smartwatches announced


I would like to see a review of these before I make a decision. On the surface it looks like I would buy, but will reserve judgement until I see some hands on time or get some hands on time.

I hear that. To be considered "smart" they should have their displays for a more immersive experience than just some lights. I think that if they do it right, the notification lights could be enough. I don't really see myself needing to look at my watch longer than a few seconds. It tells me what I need to know and if it's anything more than that then I will just take my phone out and look at it.

I have the old version of Cookoo (2013) and i'm also using it with my nexus 5. I bought it a month ago and i'm having a lot of connecivity issues. In addition, the official app is not stable, keep crashing and not very friendly (can be better eith the UX). I hope that the cookoo watch dev team will make it works like it should cos i love this watch!!
BTW - The new design is amazing!

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