Coin for iOS now available, allows backers to register for beta

By Adam Zeis on 28 Aug 2014 01:00 pm

Coin backers will be happy to know that the iOS app is now available for download. That may not mean much since no one actually has a Coin just yet, but it does allow you to register for the public beta. As stated earlier this week, Coin apologized for the delay on getting things done and is now offering a widespread public beta for any backers who are interested is testing one out.

To sign up, you simply need to download the free Coin app, login or register a new account, then opt-in to the beta program. As it stands now, cards are set to ship in November — not the greatest news since they were supposed to be here already — but stuff happens. The beta is limited to 15,000 users who will be able to updgrade to a first generation device free of charge when they become available. When you get your Coin you'll be able to use the app for adding cards, checking your account details and more.

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Coin for iOS now available, allows backers to register for beta


I feel like coin will never be said summer 2014...dwindling away...

Posted via the Connectedly App for Android via Nexus 5

Coin is DOA! It misses the mark on almost every (not EMV capable, battery powered), device consolidation (you already have your phone and Visa/Mastercard are all in with HCE), cost (eWallets will be free), etc.

The US is the ONLY country still reliant on the fraud prone mag swipe process but Visa/Mastercard has required that US vendors must convert to EMV (chip & pin) by Oct 2015. Square is hard at work on an updated EMV dongle for that very reason.