The itsy bitsy spider...OMG it moved! Quick! Someone get it!

Humans are born with only two fears, heights and loud noises. Everything else is learned, but somehow we all learn pretty quick to have an irrational fear of spiders. Overcome this fear without killing the creepy, eight-legged beasts by using the Spider Catcher.

Catch and Release

Invented by a father who was trying to help his son overcome his spider fear, the Spider Catcher allows you to remove spiders from your home while maintaining a safe distance. The device is pretty simple: a handle, a long arm, and a soft-bristled tip. If you see a spider, sneak up quietly, position the bristles above the little monster, squeeze the trigger and capture the spider!

Spider Catcher

Designed with soft bristles, the Spider Catcher will capture spiders without hurting them.


The Spider Catcher is a handy tool allowing you to remove spiders from your house without ever touching (or even getting close) to them.

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This is a pretty simple tool to handle a common problem. Spiders make their way into our homes and we have to deal with it. Sometimes "dealing with it" means dropping a heavy book on top of them and waiting until your spouse comes home to deal with it, being really brave and scrunching it into a tissue or using your vacuum to suck them up and storing the vacuum outside for the next day or two to ensure the spider doesn't stumble out on broken legs to exact its revenge. The Spider Catcher gives you a more humane way to deal with a common pest by giving you the option to catch spiders and release them outside, where they belong.