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The complete list of Android Wear apps

Android L apps
By Andrew Martonik on 3 Jul 2014 04:16 pm

Every app that you can use and improve functionality via your Android Wear device

Android Wear is finally a reality in more than just concept videos and presentations. Yes, we can actually purchase Android Wear devices, and that means Google has opened up the Play Store flood gates to app updates that now support the new wearables. There are a full 24 apps available at launch that support Android Wear in some way, and while the number will grow and functionality will improve, this is the best place to start if you're interested in Google's new wearable initiative.

Here's a complete list of apps that are compatible in some way with Android Wear. Each app name is a link to the Play Store to install it, and you can find associated stories from Android Central about the app next to it.

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The complete list of Android Wear apps


And this list shows why the gear (which I still love) will end up being a major failure.

AW watches are barely out yet, and the up list already supercedes apps available for Tizen, and is growing everyday.

Good thing for Samsung they got the Gear bandwagon and released their AndroidWear watch so quickly.

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Na, those apps don't really appeal to me. If next year it takes off like wildfire and the Pebble app store becomes stagnant then that will make the difference to me.

Posted via Connectedly App from my S4 mini WITH an LED CrackLight ;-)