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Hudway Glass keeps your eyes on the road, not your phone

Hudway Glass keeps your eyes on the road, not your phone

Turn your smartphone into a heads-up display! Of the approximately 600 million people in the world who get behind the wheel every day, research says that nearly 75 percent of people are distracted while driving. Grabbing their coffee and taking a luxurious and energizing sip. Keeping children...

Verizon Vehicle will offer car owners new roadside assistance features

Verizon will launch a new service, Verizon Vehicle, sometime in the second quarter of 2015. The service, which uses the same network for Verizon Wireless, will offer car owners a number of roadside assistance features. Verizon says their new service will work with any US vehicle made since...
Ford Sync 3

Hands-on with Ford Sync 3 at #CES2015

Ford recently unveiled their connected car entertainment system, Sync 3, and during CES 2015 we got a quick look at it in action. Set to be available in 2016 models, the Sync 3 offers some great improvements over current models. The system has been designed to work along the same lines as...
Ford CEO Mark Fields giving the opening keynote of CES 2015

Ford wants to make it easier to park a car and easier to get by without owning one

Today at CES 2015, Ford CEO Mark Fields delivered Ford's vision for the connected car of the future, and it's one in which an automaker is working to make a big change to even their own business model. In Ford's future world, you won't have to own a car to use a car. Sure, that kind of exists...
Mercedes F 015

Mercedes shows off the future of self-driving cars with the F 015 Luxury in Motion

With CES 2015 not officially kicking off until Monday, Mercedes took the stage to show off its latest prototype — the autonomous F 015 Luxury in Motion. The latest concept from the German automaker comes from years of work, but still has a long way to go before it's totally road-worthy....
The Toyota Mirai, a real life hydrogen-powered car

Toyota is opening up royalty-free licensing for all of their hydrogen fuel cell patents

Good news for the future of automobiles: Toyota announced today at CES 2015 that they are opening up all of their hydrogen fuel cell patents. Counting 5,680, the patents cover the breadth of Toyota's fuel cell technology development, and will be available for all to use for free for the next...
AT&T announces new apps and Samsung partnership for Drive connected car platform

AT&T announces new apps and Samsung partnership for Drive connected car platform

AT&T has announced new apps and partnerships for their connected car platform drive at CES 2015. AT&T announced five major applications that car manufacturers can add to their cars using the AT&T Drive platform. These apps include an app, eventseeker, and Glympse, a...
2015 Chevy Volt, unveiled first at CES 2015

Chevrolet adds predictive technology and continuous OnStar monitoring new vechicles

Today during CES 2015, Chevrolet has announced a new predictive technology for select 2016 vehicles. The new predictive technology alerts drivers when service may be needed and will be focused on the battery, starter, and fuel pump at first, with other components added in future models. The...
Ford Sync 3

Ford unveils its Sync 3 entertainment and connected car system

Ford officially revealed its plans for Sync 3, the newest version of its entertainment and connected car system, earlier today. The car maker says that it will start appearing in its new vehicles sometime in 2015. Ford said that while Sync 3 has been made mostly for hands-free use, the...
BMW, MINI bring Spotify streaming to cars

BMW, MINI bring Spotify streaming to cars

Spotify is making it even easier to enjoy your favorite tunes on the road today. The company has announced today that it is bringing its streaming app to BMW and MINI cars equipped with BMW Apps and MINI Connected Apps respectively. Spotify lists the features of the new app as follows:...
Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla's D variant is an all-wheel-drive Model S with dual motors and autopilot mode

At an announcement in Los Angeles, Elon Musk unveiled the latest offering by Tesla Motors, the D variant. The car is a tweaked version of the Model S that features all-wheel-drive and dual motors, bringing faster acceleration and better performance in bad weather conditions. Tesla will be...
Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge to feature built-in MirrorLink support

Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge to feature built-in MirrorLink support

Samsung and the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) have today announced that the new Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge both support MirrorLink. Much like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, MirrorLink pairs a smartphone with compatible vehicles, enabling owners to utilize neat connected features....