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If it plugs in, Zuli makes it smart

If it plugs in, Zuli makes it smart

You have the power, right in your hands. You know that moment when you're snuggled up in your blankets, alarm set, phone plugged in to charge, head nestled into your pillow as you drift off to Dreamland, and then you notice the stupid lights are on? With the Zuli Smartplug, you don't have to...
Need a cup of coffee? There's an app for that!

Need a cup of coffee? There's an app for that!

Coffee that's ready whenever you are! Ready to run out the door to work but your coffee's still brewing, drop by drop? Not anymore. Wake me up before you go-go to sleep Ever wish you could get a pipin' cup of coffee with nothing more than a magic flick of the wrist? Well, now you pretty much...
Awair targets whatever gives you the sniffles!

Awair targets whatever gives you the sniffles!

Say good riddance to allergies, insomnia and dry eyes! Awair is a smart device that can help you improve your indoor air quality based on your individual needs. Create optimal, prime environments Awair uses advanced sensing technology to read temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide,...
The top 5 Wi-Fi routers for your connected home

The top 5 Wi-Fi routers for your connected home

Last week, we brought you our in-depth guide on choosing the right router for your home network. As mentioned in that guide, having a decent router can make all the difference when it comes to making the best out of your connected devices. Though considering the sheer number and variety of...
Philips Hue Go

Philips Hue Go will make the connected light portable in late May for $99.95

The Philips Hue team will expand its lineup of connected lights in late May/early June with the new Philips Hue Go. The light can run on batteries, which means it can be taken anywhere. The price for the device will be $99.95. The Philips Hue Go, like other Philips Hue light bulbs, can be...

The ecobee3 just got even smarter with IFTTT integration

More and more people are becoming interested in the whole connected home experience these days, and the competition is growing and growing. One of the areas we have seen great growth lately is in the smart thermostats, with devices like Nest, Honeywell and others trying to make their name known....
Smarthings Hub

SmartThings is easily the best brain for your connected home

If you're looking to make your home the smartest on the block, look no further than SmartThings. The center of the connected home relies on mainly one big piece of hardware — the smart hub. There is none better, or more open, than SmartThings. The SmartThings hub takes control over all of the...

Simplicam gets even better with detection zones and improved notifications

One of our favorite Wi-Fi cameras, simplicam, has received an update today that brings along some great new features — most notably detection zones for motion. With new detection zones, you can specify hotspots within your camera's view in which motion will be detected. So if you want to cut out...

Instant smart door lock Sesame hits Kickstarter for $89

Sesame is an smart lock that opens your door instantly, and it hits Kickstarter today for $89 With so many smart locks on the market, it's hard to know which one will be best suited for your connected home. keypads, key fobs, deadbolts, lever locks — there are different locks for all types of...

The ecobee3 Wi-Fi thermostat is as smart as it gets

Smart thermostats are making their way into more and more homes. Gone are the old mercury dials that simply turned your system on or off & adjusted the temperature, here to stay are new devices that you can customize and control from a mobile device when you're miles away from home. In our...
Keep an eye out for visitors with the DoorBird Video Doorbell

Keep an eye out for visitors with the DoorBird Video Doorbell

Bird Home Automation has announced the DoorBird Video Doorbell, a new smart doorbell for connected homes. This doorbell includes a video camera and connects to your iPhone or Android device, letting you see and communicate with people outside your home no matter where you are using either Wi-Fi...

SpotCam Review - A solid Wi-Fi camera that doesn't quite make the cut

Another Wi-Fi camera popped up on our radar recently, and it goes by the name of SpotCam. The $149 camera offers many features similar to those of competitors like Dropcam and SImplicam, but also a few more that may make it more appealing to some users. With 24-hours of free recording, night mode...