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Connected water bottles from Gatorade monitor player hydration levels

There's plenty of awesome tech at the World Cup in Brazil this year. We've already seen these cool watches that alert referees to goals, but there is also some cool tech for the players — right in their water bottles. The Brazilian national team is testing out some smart bottles from Gatorade,...
Adidas miCoach Fit Smart

Adidas' upcoming miCoach Fit Smart smartband leaked, may run Google Fit

At its annual I/O conference yesterday, Google unveiled the Google Fit health tracking platform that allows devs to build apps that can fetch data from a slew of wearable devices. While no devices were mentioned at the event, a series of leaks today suggest that Adidas is getting set to launch a...
Smart Balls Will Change the Way We Train for Sports

How smart sports gear will change the way you train and play

Legend has it that in the early days of his career, Pelé once had the goal's height inspected after kicking for a goal and hitting the crossbar instead, and it actually turned out to be lower than the standard height! While epicosity of such astronomical proportions might work for legends like...