Connected water bottles from Gatorade monitor player hydration levels

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jun 2014 05:02 pm

There's plenty of awesome tech at the World Cup in Brazil this year. We've already seen these cool watches that alert referees to goals, but there is also some cool tech for the players — right in their water bottles. The Brazilian national team is testing out some smart bottles from Gatorade, each with a built-in microchip to track what goes out of the bottle and into a player's body. That information is sent in real-time to a tablet so trainers can see the hydration levels of every player on the field.

Each bottle has a special formula of Gatorade for that specific player. This means that a drink can be tailored to fit a player's needs and keep him hydrated as long as possible.

Pods of specific Gatorade formula, individualized to each CBF player's unique hydration needs, are easily plugged into the system. With added water and a shake, the system is ready to go. A connected sensor in each player's bottle sends consumption information in real time to coaches and trainers, which they access via a hydration tracking app. With the hydration system and app, coaches can monitor athlete fluid loss and intake and that can guide appropriate fluid, fuel and electrolyte replacement recommendations ensuring peak performance during training and matches.

It's some awesomely amazing technology in use, and something that could be applied in sports all across the globe. This is the kind of connected device we love to see and hope that somewhere in the near future it becomes readily available.

Source: Smart Design Partners / Gatorade

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Connected water bottles from Gatorade monitor player hydration levels

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