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Contest: Enter to win a smartwatch of your choice!

By Adam Zeis on 1 Jan 2014 04:49 pm

Today is a big day! We're super excited for the launch of our all-new smartwatch site. Here we'll be bringing together all of the smartwatch news from around the world and most importantly, the fans. We're 100% dedicated to smartwatches and couldn't be more excited for what lies ahead. 2014 will be a big year for smartwatches and we're glad you're along for the ride.

Whether you're a veteran smartwatch user or just getting started — you've come to the right place. There is plenty of amazing content on the way, but to kick things off in true Mobile Nations fashion, we're giving you the chance to win a smartwatch of your choice. 

All you need to do to enter is leave a single comment on this post telling us which smartwatch you'd love to own. The Pebble, Qualcomm Toq, Galaxy Gear, Sony Smartwatch 2, MetaWatch, an iWatch (if/when it shows up) or any other smartwatch in existence. If it's out there, it can be yours.

If you're already using one of our other Mobile Nations sites then just click the login button above and use your existing details. If you're a new user (welcome!) then click Sign Up and fill in all the requested info. 

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​Contest: To enter to win a smartwatch of your choice, simply leave a single comment on this post telling us which smartwatch you want and why. We'll run this one through the end of January, so you'll have plenty of time to think about which device you'd love to own. Good luck!

Want an extra chance to win? Head to the Smartwatch Fans forums and leave a comment in this thread for double the chances!!

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Reader comments

Contest: Enter to win a smartwatch of your choice!



I want motorola moto 360 sport
I want it because i know that When you partner the phone with a smartwatch, on which you can read your alerts and run your apps, your smartphone screen can remain off for longer periods - which means longer battery life.

Love the I smart watch (when it is finally released) as all I got is an apple :D
I know this website will do well and many happy years trading

I would love an iwatch which would be compatible with my devices. Fab site and wish you all the best for the future!!

I love samsung products because I own a lot of them and they work great. I would love to be a owner of a samsung gear I've heard a lot of great things about them and would love to experience it.

i like galaxy gear because it's cool and awesome features of most i sleep i class so that it can be useful to me of using smartwatch

I'd LOVE the LG G watch. It's so chic, slick, sexy, useful and would do me a great deal. Can't afford one right now as I just bought a home AND car. Please, hook me UP!

Lg watch R because I find taking my phone out of my pocket incessantly difficult so prodding a tiny screen on my wrist is much more comfortable. It's more expensive and I may as well get the most from this. Also its round and I like circle things. But most if all, I want to be a show off with it to just about anyone I know.

If I could have a choice I would want the basis band. But if that would never happen because its expensive I would go for the pebble steel. But if your like my parents and want me to shoot low ill go for the pebble original..

Um it'll be surprisingly great if its an Iphone smart watch I get because I already have won an Iphone recently in a contest.....

Sony Smartwatch 2 for the win! Android is much better than iOS and it is still and wworld wide softwar, amazing.

A Pebble would last me days with my LG G2. I'd be on top of every notification, work email, and finally have a smartwatch to add to my watch collection! :D

I would love the pebble. An excellent device that would be hugely beneficial for me not having to take out my phone during busy days of work as a paramedic

Hey, I would love to win the Galaxy Gear 2. I love watches since I was little. I even have over 20 watches. I wanted the first Gear since the the first one got out, but it was only available for Galaxy Notes. (I had a Galaxy S3, then 4 and now I have S5. Witch Gear 2 works for.) I am completely in love with Samsung. I love my phone and I love watches. The only thing that I would love even more? Is a smartwatch for my phone. I love it so much. I really hope I win. Thanks for this opportunity. Good luck everyone. =)

I'd love to prove to others that having a Windows Phone doesn't diminish my capabilities for technology! A Pebble Watch, or a compatible smartwatch would be great! ^-^

To date I think the Gear 2 or Martin smartwatch are the best for compatibility looks and functional apps for the note 3 but it all can change very fast if you want technology today you won't go far wrong .

i want iwatch and galaxy gear cozs it is easy to handly and we can wear in school also and teacher will not now about it


I would like to own a gear smart watch (technically a galaxy gear smart watch). I have the sdk for it and I would like to own the real product to test applications.

To tell ylu the truth, I don't care which one I win. I think these are really cool, I would love a sony watch or a pebble. But a galaxy gear or metalwatch would be fantastic. Whatever you can spare would make me the happiest person in the world. Best wishes.

It's tough to decide on a smartwatch right now. Which maker will still be making them 5 years from now? What will Android or iOS support next year? I don't know.

I'd have to choose the Galaxy Gear at this point, as I believe it will have forward compatibility with Samsung Android phones, for obvious reasons. Also, I'm reasonably sure Samsung will continue with the smartwatch line as long as it proves to be profitable or bolsters smartphone sales.

Great site Adam. It's very needed in the environment we are currently experiencing....The SmartWatch Invasion. Looking forward to what Google will bring to the table. Still can't make up my mind with the current offerings that are now available. Maybe a free smartwatch could help me decide. Hint, hint.

I would like an iWatch. If that never comes to fruition, then a pebble steel would be great. I want these so I can find out what all the smart watch hub bub is about.

I want the iWatch, whenever it comes out, because apple always releases products that change the industry for the better. Like the first iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Macs.

Hi! I am super excited for the SmartBand Age!! I firmly believe that these devices can change the way humans interact with each other, with inanimate objects, and even with themselves. If I could choose one from the selection right now, it would be a black Pebble Steel, mostly because it is really classy and also has a lot of useful features that some don't have. Thanks for this website and I'm super excited for more news!! :)

Okay so I would love the cookoo watch I reserved one along time ago on there kick starter campaign and as soon as it got done my dad had a heart attack and had to have a quadruple bypass of his heart so obviously I wasn't gonna be financially stable enough to buy watches etc... So I had to cancel my backing I regret it now cause I liked it a lot bit one day I hope to get my hands on one

Considering all the iOS devices I have, I think I'm going with the iWatch even if we don't have a clue of how it'll be.

Hello there! I want the Pebble Steel!! That black model looks really decent and acceptable. Thanks! ;)

I'd go for the Pebble/Pebble Steel to go with my iPhone 5s. The Pebble's capability to sync with multiple types of phones and it's battery and screen type make it optimal for what I would expect in a smart watch.

I'd want the Pebble Steel in brushed stainless steel, I just think it looks great and does what I'd want from a smartwatch.

The pebble would be nice, because smartwatches are an interesting branche in the technology. I justw ant to try it. Thanks!

As a technology teacher and presenter at workshops, I would be a good candidate to model the new iWatch...when it arrives. I have a lot of people who ask me which device, laptop or phone to purchase. So I can add this category to my recommendations when I am wearing a new iWatch! Also would be able to promote this site!

Smartwatchfans is an awesome addition to MobileNations family. Look forward to future things here!

I'd love to get a Pebble. My parents couldn't afford to buy me one during Christmas and it seems like an awesome watch!

I would like to own pebble because it is stylish,light weighted compatible with my BlackBerry Q5 as it comes new. Like BlackBerry10, I've been having a tough financial and reputational situation lately...really want to reinvent myself along with my favourite BlackBerry Q5. But now I am unable to buy smartwatch.

I would love to win a Agent smartwatch. It would be awesome to not have to pull out my phone to see who sent me a text or for other notifications.

I'd love a Neptune Pine or even a Pebble Steel. I have a huge love for technology and the Pine is where I see mobile heading. Its taken a while, but with smartwatches like the Pine, we no longer have to pretend to be spies talking to our wrists! Now, we can do it for real :)

I would really like a Sony Smartwatch 2 to go with my Z10. Around a third of my battery is lost to my screen, with a smart watch I won't need to use the screen as much and can extend the life of my BlackBerry. Thanks to Adam's many articles, I know I can get the Sony Smartwatch 2 to work with my Z10.

A Galaxy Gear so that I can show off to my buddy who seems to get all the latest great gadgets and so that I can hack it and mod it with a custom rom to play games so that my eyes will strain right out of my head and fall onto the floor and roll around like two marbles.

I would love to win a Pebble Steel to go along with my new Nexus 5. I love the simple and clean design of the Steel

I'd like a Martian Passport White Men's, please. It looks classy and i'm sure someone will figure out the BB 10 integration.

I would love to have a Pebble Steel. I think it has a very classy and professional design. I feel like I'd be able to wear it in a variety of situations (e.g. work, a night out, etc.) without it seeming out of place. I also know that it would work well with my BlackBerry Z10.

I would like to get Pebble Steel for its relatively good firmware and customization options as well as its look for sure. I currently own SW2 from SONY just because I could not get a hold of Pebble where I live.

I would love to win the Pebble Steel.

The original pebble is/was amazing but now they've just simply improved it by making it out of premium materials. Take that and add the fact that they are introducing a new firmware and brand new App Store... Pebble simply can't be beat!!
Hands down pebble is the very best, and is it too much for me want to own the best?...

LG Lifeband Touch all the way. Saw it on the CES live coverage and man what a design. Coolest thing to come from CES! Amazing device.

Omg I know I'm late but I just discovered this site, its wonderful to have a separate place just for smartwatches, as we're sure to sit back and watch this new community grow large.
I would love to have any at all but a galaxy gear would be great, I don't care if its all dinged up, I'll take it =D

P.s. someone stated the Gear is only compatible with the note and s4, but I have a 4.3 update for s3 which adds support, verified with my buddies gear.

I'll take the Toq. I was thinking of the SW2, but it seems like it would be too heavy for my taste. Thanks for the contest!

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

Didn't realize till now that this contest was underway... (Yes, I'd been wrapped up with some personal drama and hadn't really had time to visit the new SmartWatchFans site or forum).

If I win, I would love to get the Pebble smartwatch. Based on the review not only does it offer the best options and a great price right now, but most importantly it "unofficially" supports BlackBerry and Windows Phone as well. (Nokia Lumia 920 being my primary phone right now)

So here goes; Angels of Smart Watches! Bestow upon me this gift of the pebble smartwatch... I'll wear it ALWAYS!!!! But I do swear to take it off before going to shower... and perhaps add an extra cushion on the bed next to me to put it to sleep ;)

So many decisions- I'd like the Pebble Steel for the looks, the sapphire crystal and the installed base. I'd like the Toq for the mirasol display, I'd like the Galaxy Gear for... well, never mind. I'd like the Sony Smartwatch 2 for the transflective color display and band interchangeability, but I don't really want to give Sony any money myself. I'd like the MetaWatch for the case and the band. And I'd like the "iWatch" for the hopes and dreams and promises of something no one knows anything about.

Okay, Pebble Steel, Toq, or unspecified Apple watch.

I want a Pebble to view all my SmartwatchFans notifications on the go.

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

Sign me up for a Samsung Galaxy Gear to mate up with my Note 3! Need me a color screen!

Ok, so I've just read the watch's review, and it's a bit of a disappointment for Sony. They seem to lack in a few areas from the competition. So if I can change my mind, I'd rather get a Pebble Steel, or even a Google Watch if that comes to fruition.

Welcome Smartwatch Fans! I look forward to trying out the Sony Smartwatch 2 because I have been a long-time Sony fan, and would like to see how they've faired in the smartwatch market.

I would love a Sony Smartwatch 2 (or SmartWatch 3 if it's announced at CES this year) to go with my Nexus 5, please and thank you.

EDIT: I am going to switch mine to the new Galaxy Gear when that comes out.

I would love a smartwatch to help me avoid taking my phone out at work to see who's calling, texting or emailing and whether or not it's important.
I think I would like the Pebble Steel - initially it was the Galaxy Gear, but the boss (a.k.a. wife) has informed me that a watch that can make calls, take photos, etc will leave me "too connected" and affect "family time" - whatever that means. :P

I'd love to have a Pebble Steel, since I like it's aesthetic and the fact that it works with iOS and Android, as well as having a thriving dev community

I'd love to try out the Qualcomm Toq. I have the kickstarter orange pebble and have ordered the Pebble Steel but I would love the opportunity to try out the Toq to compare the features and daily use. Thanks!

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

I very want to have pebble steel but i have no credit card to get them so. i plan to buy pebble original, if Adam zeis can give me a chance to get Pebble Steel!! Thanks To iMore, Crackberry and Smartwatch Fans very Hopefull Give to people Information and Give Pebble Steel !!! Thanks You Guys

Gotta change my response to the Gear2 now that specs are starting to leak :)

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

I've had the Sony Smartwatch, and have the Pebble but I think I would LOVE the Toq! That Galaxy Gear is really nice too. I need more gadgets in my gadget.

If I were to win I'd want the Neptune pine! My phone is on the fritz and about to go out but it served me well...

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I would definitely take a pebble steel, just because is doesn't look so weird like other smartwatches.

Posted via the Android Smartwatch Fans App!

I love coming to SWF to read the latest about the Smartwatch industry! Thanks for being there - would love to win a new smartwatch to complement my Pebble! I'd like to try a HOT watch :-)


Sony Smartwatch 2 please for me. Also it would be cool to see some history of the Smartphone, like a review of the original Sony Ericsson LiveView MN800..

I'd like to own a Pebble. Although I own a Windows Phone, there does seem to be an unofficial app to let my phone work with it.

I would love a pebble steel! It is a beautiful watch and with the new AppStore it will make it the best way to utilize the watch! Also they are constantly leading the way I'm the industry and I can't wait to see what else they have in store for the future!

I would love a black samsung galaxy gear. To go with my note 3. I would have got one with my phone from @#$&? for 50 bucks but I got my phone 2 days before the promo started and they wouldn't honor the promotion or extend the ofter to me. A long time customer with a monthly bill of 500 for 5 lines

Pebble for me, not that I have any other choice with my BlackBerry, but at least they have been in the business for a while, and they know how to make a good smartwatch.

Posted via the BlackBerry Smartwatch Fans App!

Have already pre-ordered a pebble steel. If for a secondary smart watch, maybe the Kreyos, Omate, or Neptune Pine is cool.

I've been rocking the smart watches since the Timex datalink. I ll take any smart watch that's offered.

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